Djursland-psykologen Opens New Office Location in Randers Denmark

January 25, 2021 – “Currently, we have locations in Mørke and Grenaa in Djursland, but many of our clients come from Randers. This is why we are now opening a new location in Randers on Messingvej 36B. Next to Randers Storcenter and E45,” Frank Kjerstein, the founder of Djursland-psykologen, points out.

“The city’s known landmarks in the form of the statue of Niels Ebbesen and the Jutlandic Stallion at Østervold are,” according to Frank Kjerstein, both symbols of the mental strength that characterizes the spirit of the city, as well as the strength that many seek to conquer when faced with crises, stress, anxiety, and depression. This is exactly why the entrepreneurial psychologist regards the city of Randers at the obvious choice for launching the psychologist practice’s new location here.

They offer immediate access to psychological treatment of depression, anxiety, stress and crises – without waiting time. The team of four psychologists are trained in acting fast and in stepping forward, when there is a need for a session with a psychologist right now, Frank Kjerstein elaborates on the reason behind the company’s growth and expansion. The headquarter in Mørke has more than 40 five-starred reviews from once-again-happy clients on Google.

The founder of the company attributes a large part of the success and the positive reviews to keeping the phone open all seven days of the week from 7:30-22:30. Making therapy and mental health treatment easily accessible by delivering a fast first appointment with a psychologist has over time grown to become both the company profile and DNA, as well as the trademark, according to clients and local residents.

If it is the very first time seeing a psychologist, rest assured in the capable and good hands of these experts. Djursland-psykologen is specialized in taking especially good care of first-time clients. New clients simply go to the psychologist practice’s website and book their first session online, before they soon thereafter have their first appointment with their psychologist. An experience that contrasts the typical waiting time of three months, that has been the average waiting time in Denmark in 2019 and 2020. A rising waiting time is problematic for many suffering from anxiety, depression or stress while being in the middle of a personal crisis and looking to get professional help here-and-now.

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The long waiting lists result in many clients in need often calling local psychologists in Randers in vain for immediate help and treatment. This naturally frustrates anyone going through a crisis, since only succeeding in being added to a waiting list for several months before having the first session with a licensed psychologist can easily add to the despair in such a situation. But at Djursland-psykologen, the strategy is different. They continuously recruit newly licensed psychologists in order to accommodate and supply the growing need for quick access to psychological treatment, when crises appear in life and everyday life. This strategy has enabled the company to handle the growing demand, by hiring three new psychologists in 2020. And the tendency seems to continue, as they are currently looking to recruit the first psychologist of the year at the very start of 2021.

“Hiring the right person is the first step in establishing and launching the new location in Randers, which is scheduled for spring 2021,” Frank Kjerstein says.

The psychologist practice also offers entrepreneur coaching as one of their specialties. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers make up a substantial part of their clients and because of this, the psychologist practice has two psychologists with a special passion for the psychological effects from the hardships and challenges of living the founder life and the daily grind of business owners and managers.

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Frank Kjerstein rounds off by listing the primary reason for launching a new location in Randers: “We simply have a high demand from clients in and near Randers. Secondly, the nature around Randers offers unique value and opportunity for outdoor therapy through walk and talk therapy, which is often effective and appreciated by clients seeking treatment of anxiety, depression, and stress. And most importantly, way too many experiences that it is too difficult finding a local psychologist with available times left in their calendars. Finally, it all comes down to, that the size of the city, its history, and the enduring spirit of the people in Randers is a perfect match with our methods and approach. Simply put, the match with the mentality of Kronjylland is what has drawn us to expand from Djursland to Randers in spring 2021”.

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Messingvej 36B
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Tlf. +45 89 88 44 45

Business hours: 7:30-22:30

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