World’s Only Trademarked Meologist, Dr. Brenda Stratton, Takes on New Roles as TV Host and Producer on Zondra TV Network

Chesapeake, VA, USA – January 26, 2021 – Dr. Brenda Stratton, the world’s only Meologist, is thrilled to announce that she has taken on a new endeavor as a Producer and Host of her new TV Show, ‘Revolutionize My Life’ on the Award-Winning Zondra TV Network. After serving as a missionary for over 45 years, as a publisher and a transformational coach, Dr. Stratton, in her seventies, is giving new meaning to the word “Senior.”

In ‘Revolutionize My Life,’ she helps viewers revolutionize their lives by providing skills to help them gain freedom and fulfill their life’s destiny. Dr. Stratton says that she “believes that by keeping your eye on the prize and keeping on keeping on, you will always be successful.”

Dr. Brenda Stratton’s passion is to bring transformation to one’s life by discovering what may be holding them back and finding the right perspective of their true identity. The results will be that you will “Revolutionize Your Life” one step at a time. It is always your choice to change.

Through Dr. Stratton’s teachings, speaking engagements, books, coaching, publishing and online classes, many of her clients have found freedom from past hurts, rejections, abuse, toxic relationships, and unforgiveness. They have found success by focusing on their destiny, thus obtaining financial improvement. They truly have “Created the Life and Business of their Dreams.”

“At The University of Life and Business Transformation, we serve and support people who feel stuck or paused in any area of their lives;” says Stratton, “such as those who have been rejected, in toxic relationships, areas of unforgiveness, and stuck in a bad memory so that they can create the Life and Business of their Dreams.”

Dr. Stratton is the author of four #1 Bestseller International Books on Amazon: “Lord, Deliver Me From Me” (How to Stop Becoming your own Worst Enemy), “Transformational You” (Overcoming Ten Self-Sabotaging Behaviors), and “Don’t Repeat this Again: Toxic Relationship.” Revolutionize My Life (Where Evolution occurs one step at a time.”)

To learn more, follow Dr. Stratton on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for tips on how to stop sabotaging your life. Additional information can be found on her website at Readers can also receive a 30-minute free coaching session at

Audiences can tune into ‘Revolutionize My Life’ on the Zondra TV streaming networks Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and by going to

About Dr. Brenda Stratton

Dr. Brenda is a TV Producer on the Award-Winning Zondra TV Network. She is a Speaker, Transformational Coach, four times Bestselling Author, publisher, and Missionary. Additionally, Dr. Stratton is the President of The University of Life and Business Transformation and Publishing Company, and the Founder of the non-profit Message to the Nations. Dr. Brenda is a past Educator and Pastor. She has over 45 years of experience in speaking, teaching, and coaching 2000+ people in over 35 different countries. Dr. Stratton is Trademarked as the World’s only Meologist.

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