Local Author, Comedian Amy Lyle Gains National Attention for TEDxBeaconStreet Talk, “Finding the Funny in the Crummy”

Inspiring message explores how giggles and guffaws can heal and bond

Atlanta, GA – Author and comedian Amy Lyle’s TEDxBeaconStreet message on “connective humor,” “Finding the Funny in the Crummy,” has struck a chord with audiences nationwide and netted rave reviews from the Tedx community. Lyle draws on material from many studies that confirm the importance of connection and the capacity of humor to lighten our journeys and strengthen our lives. 

By sharing her own laughable moments and highlighting the stories of others who have faced adversity, Lyle teaches viewers how to develop their own “humor lens” in three easy steps.

A particularly compelling piece of research is a study of 50 prisoners of war who used humor to survive the almost-unendurable conditions they faced, and keep their sanity both during and after their incarceration.

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Praised by Tedx organizers for her depth of content, presence, and delivery, Lyle engages viewers, who often watch her talk several times. One organizer applauded Amy’s success, noting, “I laughed and I cried too… you did it, girl!”

“Amy Lyle, through her brilliant exploration of connective humor, quickly establishes a bond with audiences that allows them to relax, laugh, and learn,” said Eric Reid of The Success Coaching System. “Most importantly, Amy reminds us how to connect through our commonality, that we are all slightly flawed beings and it is our flaws that allow us to learn and laugh and connect with each other at the deepest level. Amy is a humorist in the truest sense of the word.” 

“Connective humor heals us, bonds us, and affiliates us,” Lyle explains. “People who laugh together like each other more. It boosts our sense of connection and perceived similarity.”

Lyles’ TEDx message on “Connective Humor” can be viewed by visiting https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_lyle_finding_the_funny_in_the_crummy.

About Amy Lyle

From a violent, rage-filled childhood in Appalachia, to a career as a recruiter for a Fortune 1000 company, best-selling author, comedian and talk show host Amy Lyle has honed her ability to appreciate the many instances of the absurd, the ironic, and the ridiculous that life offers up each day. By choosing to acknowledge the insanity and share the laughter, she connects with people over those things many of us would rather not talk about.

Actively seeking and celebrating humor has been a lifesaver for Lyle. She is a frequent speaker on “connective humor,” a term she coined to describe the power of shared humor to heal and bond us as a people.

Lyle has written two best-selling books, The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures and We’re All a Mess, It’s Okay. In addition, she performs stand-up comedy in Atlanta venues (including Punchline), has been featured on NPR’s On Second Thought and the television show Atlanta and Company, and cohosts a biweekly talk show, In the Burbs.

Lyle lives in suburban Atlanta with her husband, four kids, and three dogs, who all help her find an abundance of opportunities to laugh at herself each and every day.

To learn more, visit www.amylyle.me.

About TEDxBeaconStreet

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