Team Extension SA Provides Top React and React Native Developers to Businesses

Fortune 500 and start-ups choose company’s developers for their mission critical software projects.

Economies everywhere have been greatly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It has resulted in even tougher competition among the surviving businesses. As such, entrepreneurs want to take their businesses to the next level by increasing their user base, their retention or to just improve the performance of their current processes and remove any bottlenecks. Highly skilled developers are essential in achieving such goals. Team Extension SA provides top tier developers on demand, so businesses can successfully launch their projects.

Team Extension is a Bucharest, Romania-based company that hires some of the best developers, engineers, programmers, coders, and consultants in Eastern Europe. The company aims to discover, hire, and retain top talent so their clients can focus on short and long term project goals and stay ahead of their competition. Their unique service is a contrast to the common practice of hiring in-house staff through recruitment firms who are looking to get the job done quickly, not efficiently. This directly impacts the business’ ability to meet targets and grow.

The starting point for businesses’ scaling targets is to analyse their current system and KPIs and determine what can be improved. With this in mind, Team Extension has implemented analytical, operational or strategic dashboards to help many of their clients measure their metrics, predict outcomes, discover insights and stay on top of their KPIs throughout the business development.

React and React Native have proven to be the perfect choices to develop web and mobile dashboards, achieving fast development, performance, modern UI and an easy user experience. Team Extension’s developers can build custom dashboards to enable business owners keep track of their progress.

Hiring an expert developer through Team Extension starts by creating an account and selecting the skill set required to put one’s business plans into action. After the company completes the staffing process, top tier talents are now ready to be integrated into the client’s own team. The developers have the capability of working on-site, remote through Team Extension’s control portal, or at their offices to guarantee that the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Team Extension also employs experts from mobile and backend developers to SAP developers, project managers, and business analysts. Clients directly manage the developers, which is an advantage for both parties. This allows the developer to learn more about the business directly from the client, and the client is able to oversee the development of the project from start to finish. Team Extension also provides project management services if required by the client.

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