The Finest Pop Sensation of Tomorrow: Presenting to the World Levi Perry

The Finest Pop Sensation of Tomorrow: Presenting to the World Levi Perry
Melding Pop and Hip Upbeat Music to produce a chorus that remains imprinted in your mind, Levi Perry is a stunning new addition to the world of pop who is set to break records and become a smashing sensation

Rising Pop sensation Levi Perry is set to become a household favorite with her stunning singles and co-mixed tracks set to boom and blast as part of her upcoming album titled “Warrior”. A great track which encapsulates the troubles, trials and tribulations of 2020 and encompasses the many irreparable losses people all around the globe have had to endure. The track is also hopeful pop music which lights the fire for a new year and the chorus introduces the new world where kindness and empathy is set to bloom and grow and pupate.

With stunning vocals and grasp over hit moody beats, “Warrior” is the finest composition from this budding new artist who is set to dominate charts in 2021. Levi Perry’s breath-taking vocals and unique, characteristic blend of Pop music and beats that will become memorable after first listen. An independent artist who has had her breakthrough with little to no external support or deals, Levi Perry is set to rise with stunning tracks under her celebrated belt. Titled “I’m Gonna Rise”, “Proud Old Man” and “Floxed”, her beautiful discography is one that will long be celebrated by Pop music fans and critics. Adding a much-needed touch of feelings and narrative strength to Pop music beats, Levi Perry is the best the genre has to offer. With “Warrior”, the young artist is setting her eyes on charts and Grammy nominations to get her talents shared and appreciated in the way they deserve. Levi Perry going by the artistic shorthand LP is bound to impress and inspire listeners of her music.


Levi Perry is an up-and-coming Pop songwriter and singer who is set to release her second upcoming album in 2021 titled “Warrior”-singles of which have already been met with critical and fan praise. Meeting with a Grammy-nominated producer John Campos in 2018, Levi Perry was able to record stunning tracks that bring about a fresh new face to Pop music that is personal and intricate in a London studio.

Her forthcoming album titled “Warrior” is one which is set to inspire and motivate listeners all around the world as they listen and groove to the stunning and fun tracks on the album titled “Warrior”. The singles that have already been released titled “Floxed”, “I’m gonna rise” and “You changed that”, are already becoming smashing hits as the album is set to release and top charts all around the world. Perry’s music is unique and different as it merges mainstream Pop music with a much-needed feel and ethos.









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