“An Intervention,” A Critically Acclaimed Comedic Feature Film, Debuts On Amazon Prime Video In Partnership With Indie Rights Studio

A film with a storyline that makes audiences laugh through amusement and humorous effect, “An Intervention” is now available on Prime Video worldwide.

27 January, 2021 – Daniel Eden, a film producer and director, has announced the release of an exciting new feature film, “An Intervention,” on Amazon Prime. Produced in collaboration with Eden’s production company, EEK! on Film Productions, the feature film’s debut on January 15, 2021, has quickly received critical acclaim and praise for its quick-witted comedic style and talented cast, including stars Kaitlin Eden, Phil Platakis, and Mike Klappauf.

In “An Intervention,” viewers are taken through an engaging story starring Chelsea Bledsoe and her husband, Graig. Together, the duo throws a surprise intervention for Chelsea’s old high school boyfriend, Henry, with the help of a mismatched group of acquaintances from back in the day to fill out the guest list. A film with a storyline designed to make the audience laugh through amusement and humorous effect, “An Intervention” comes to audiences worldwide as Eden’s latest studio production, tickling audiences using Eden’s signature style.

A must-see comedy film, watch the trailer or stream the full-length feature film by visiting Amazon Prime Video here. “An Intervention” has been rated for audiences 13+ Teen and is available with English subtitles. The film is being distributed in collaboration with Indie Rights Studio.

About EEK! on Film Productions

EEK! on Film Productions is an American producer of independent films founded by director and filmmaker Daniel Eden. EEK! on Film Productions’ latest production, “An Intervention,” debuted on Amazon Prime Video as a must-see comedy on January 15, 2021.

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