Imported products have been treated indifferently, and domestic products are on the rise, 2021 may be the year for domestic aquatic products to forge ahead

“Kid, kid, don’t be greedy. After Laba is the New Year.” As the Spring Festival approached, buying new year goods was put on the agenda.

New Year’s goods market and online New Year’s Festival have started one after another, with full online and offline coverage, bringing new year’s goods gift packages to consumers across the country.

Under the good omen of “surplus every year”, aquatic products have always been a resident of the table during the Spring Festival. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, medium and high-end aquatic products such as salmon have gradually been included in the list of new year’s goods. But this year, due to the epidemic, the circulation and sales of imported aquatic products are under strict epidemic prevention and control. In addition to the concerns of consumers, imported aquatic products will inevitably be treated indifferently, and domestic aquatic products have become the protagonist of the aquatic products market in one fell swoop. During the period of hoarding new year goods, the price of water production represented by domestically produced live shrimp increased one after another, and some varieties increased by about 50% month-on-month.

Domestic aquatic products are thriving, thanks to the good domestic epidemic prevention situation, and as a provider of high-quality protein, aquatic products have also become an important source of supplementary nutrition for residents. At the same time, the domestic aquatic product industry has continued to actively try during the epidemic, trying to open up a unique way of aquatic products under the epidemic blockade.

Inspection and traceability are increasingly perfect, quality and safety upgrade

The prolonged epidemic has reshaped people’s understanding of food safety. Now consumers are paying more and more attention to “safety on the tip of the tongue”. From the source to circulation, and then to sales, safety is like the sword of Damocles, which runs through every link of aquatic products on the table.

Source safety is to strengthen the quality and safety monitoring of aquatic products. In addition to relevant government departments and research institutes going deep into aquatic product breeding bases to carry out technical guidance and supervision and sampling, some domestic aquatic products companies have also made active attempts to control source quality. For example, Qinghai Minze Longyangxia Ecological Aquaculture Co., Ltd. has further strengthened the construction of laboratories and regularly carried out aquaculture water quality testing and feed nutrition testing. At the same time, it has also carried out many innovations in technological innovation and process optimization to ensure products Quality and ensure food safety.

In the process of processing and distribution, the COVID-19 virus has been detected in imported food packaging and transportation in many places. The safety of cold chain logistics has been mentioned many times. From the market supervision department to the enterprise itself, they have always maintained the “physical defense of cold chain aquatic products”. “In the high pressure situation, in addition to strictly following the killing procedures, companies such as the League of Nations Aquatic Products have also adopted epidemic prevention measures such as bank storage and regular nucleic acid testing of personnel in an effort to achieve safety and no dead ends.

In the sales stage, the initial implementation of the traceability system is also a high-quality answer sheet submitted by the domestic aquatic product industry in terms of quality control upgrades. The traceability system means that the product’s growth process, processing process, logistics information and inspection reports can be entered into the system and tracked online. At present, Longyangxia Salmon has been making relevant attempts. The initial product traceability system has been built, and the later products will be “visited factory”, “certified circulation” and “certified listing”. Consumers can scan the QR code on the product package. Take a look at the whole process before the products are put on the shelves, and eat aquatic products more confidently.

Carry out brand innovation and upgrade marketing strategy

During the epidemic, due to the blockage of the offline market, e-commerce and new retail developed strongly, and some aquatic products companies also took advantage of this trend.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Longyangxia Salmon immediately carried out digital marketing, strategic upgrades and innovative plans for existing retail brand assets, product categories, and online and offline retail channels. At present, the product visual design has undergone innovative upgrades, which are of great benefit to building brand awareness. In the past, agricultural products, including aquatic products, often fell into the misunderstanding of brand “streaking”, and branding was precisely the most important starting point for aquatic products to enter the market.

The upgrading of marketing strategy is a big step towards branding domestic aquatic products, and it is also a homework for all aquatic companies in the post-epidemic era.

Promote intensive processing of products to adapt to new consumer trends

During the epidemic, consumers’ concerns about raw food products will not disappear in the short term, and the gradual shift of aquatic products to deep-processed products that are easy to store and cook is expected to become a new trend.

This also leads to more consumption scenarios, such as pre-made dishes that meet the convenient cooking needs of young consumer groups and small-package products suitable for offline retail.

Generally speaking, if aquatic products lack processing links, “cabbage prices” will inevitably appear. Cui He, president of the China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association, said that aquatic product processing is the most critical indicator to measure the health of a region’s fishery development. Deep processing can not only drive the adjustment of the fishery industry structure and increase the income of fishermen, but also promote the high-value utilization of aquatic products. At present, domestic Longyangxia Salmon, Weizhixiang, Zhangzidao and other enterprises are developing deep-processing product lines. It is foreseeable that in the future, a large number of diversified products that meet the preferences of consumer groups will continue to emerge.

These measures and practices have made domestic aquatic products, especially mid-to-high-end products, gradually become the “protagonist” of the market. In 2021, in the practice of continuing to practice quality control upgrades and industrial transformation, we have reason to expect that domestic aquatic products will continue to forge ahead and explore the development of the aquatic industry.

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