Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin: A Creative Soul With a Flair for Business

Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin: A Creative Soul With a Flair for Business

Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin is a Nigerian author, creative writer, and visual artist. He has been writing since the age of 15, sharing, “I drew inspiration from the world around me, and the intricacies of interactions between different groups or individuals. I was interested in seeing what happened when people who have different world views and backgrounds encounter each other.”

As he grew as a writer and artist, Nsofor’s work reflected his exploration of interwoven sociocultural, religious, and economic global narratives. His art draws heavily from African and, more specifically, Igbo cosmologies, but Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin is also inspired by cultural views from different places around the world. “My interest in global culture grew from my extensive travels across Malaysia, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Kenya, Sweden, Dubai, and the United States,” he shares. “I sought out how different cultures handled issues such as race, migration, survival, spirituality, and human consciousness.”

For a person with such a prolific interest in writing about cultural norms, it is surprising to find out that Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin studied banking and finance at university. He graduated from Anambra State University in 2009, and his training in banking pushed him to follow his curiosity about global money culture. “Money and the pursuit of greener pastures is a huge driving force for a lot of people. I wanted to explore how finances affected people in different ways and incorporate my findings into my art,” Nsofor says.

2009 was also a year of artistic growth for him. Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin took different art courses at the Akademik Studios of Art Asaba. There he developed his talents as a writer and as a painter. “Eventually, I came to realize that all art forms are interconnected. I found myself suddenly finding ways to express myself through literary work, visual arts, and music.”

In 2018, Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin published his first book, Finding Gold. This novel follows the story of Ikenna, a young man from Nigeria who moved to Kuala Lumpur. Readers are brought along a coming-of-age journey about migration, self-discovery, and identity. “This book was inspired by my travels. I sought to bring together culture, finance, and art into one captivating story that would resonate with a lot of people,” this author shares.

Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin’s fascination for cultures eventually led to an interest in working with other people and artists. After obtaining a master’s degree in leadership, he started HDT Fine Art Gallery. He created this art agency, hoping to empower emerging and established artists living and working in Africa. “I wanted to represent painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, and designers who had unique styles. HDT would be a place for them to flourish in their craft,” he shares.

Creativity, artistry, human connection, passion, and appreciation for culture drives Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin’s work. In line with these values, he also established Hugo Dream Team Entertainment. “HDT Entertainment is a record label and recording studio. I did this for the many Nigerian artists who dream of a place in the spotlight,” Nsofor shares, “Nigeria is so full of talented individuals. Through my company, I want to help them connect with a larger audience.”

Art and culture are two tightly woven concepts. Each one affects and enriches the other. Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin understands this and has made it his primary goal to amplify the work of artists.

Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin is currently pursuing further education in painting, sculpture, and kinetics alongside his duties as CEO of Hugo Dream Team Entertainment. Presently, he lives and works in Manhattan, New York. More information on his work is available on this website. To learn more about his book Finding Gold, you may visit this page.

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