New Jazz Album ‘In Your Skin’ From Pablo Embon

New Jazz Album 'In Your Skin' From Pablo Embon
New Jazz Album ‘In Your Skin’ Releasing February 27!

Music has the ability to transport a person to new planes of existence. It is also the best way to sit back and relax. The blues, funk, and jazz are among the most popular genres of music in the industry, and Pablo Embon is coming to enthrall the masses with a new album.

The Israel based artist is no newcomer. With over 20 albums already released, Pablo Embon is on his way to releasing his latest album, ‘In Your Skin.’ Much like his other music, this album is a compilation of his unique composition style, his unmatched arrangements, and unparalleled sounds.

Pablo’s music is constantly changing. He is in no way a Jazz purist, preferring to mix it up and pushes his sound to be more fusion. His music truly shines if the listener is willing to let go and let their imagination run free. Like with any good Jazz, ‘In Your Skin’ is a great way to let go of the pressures and tension of the day.

Pablo has worked primarily in the Jazz, Fusion, and Rock genres. His music is a unique combination of the genres set to lyrics that are equally thought-provoking and relaxing. The multi-instrumentalist has experimented with several genres, using their influence to inspire his sound today.

The new album is a more approachable instrumental Jazz-Fusion album. Not stopping there, the songs include several other music styles such as Modern Jazz, Funk, Latin, Alternative, World. As you go, you’ll be hit by the different sounds and styles coming together in a perfect medley.

The jewel of the new album is the song of the same name, “In Your Skin.” Pablo describes it as his crowning achievement in his ever-growing catalog of music. This admission from the artist spurs the anticipation for the release of the album.

The new album ‘In Your Skin,’ complete with Pablo Embon’s crowning glory, is available on February 27, 2020. It will be available on most major streaming platforms. In the meantime, do check out Pablo Embon’s other music on his official website!


Pablo Embon is an Israel based multi-instrumentalist. The artist has released a total of 20 albums since 2004, mixing and playing every role for every song. Primarily in the Jazz-Fusion genre, Pablo comes from an eclectic mix of musical backgrounds. After completing an education in music and mastering almost every instrument that came his way, Pablo proceeded to dedicate his life to music in every way possible.








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