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Franz Sigrist the Elder – An Oeuvre of Painted Oil Sketches

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Franz Sigrist the Elder – An Oeuvre of Painted Oil Sketches

January 29
17:06 2021
Franz Sigrist the Elder - An Oeuvre of Painted Oil Sketches

“Franz Sigrist the Elder” by Pia-Maria Baurek
Pia-Maria Baurek newest book “Franz Sigrist the Elder” allows readers an insight into the world and work of a Baroque artist.

This book is an academic dissertation in the field of art history, covering a Baroque oil sketch artist. A significant portion of Franz Sigrist’s well-known work consists of painted oil sketches. They not only represent the foundation of his artistic process but also reveal Sigrist’s personalized style and his dynamic and creative method of design. Examples of his work are analysed in this paper and reveal that an oil sketch could signify the beginning of a working process, be used to further develop a subject or even be sold as collector’s items. For example, his illustrations of The Healing of Tobit were made for Viennese Academy of Arts‘ annual competition in 1753.

The book “Franz Sigrist the Elder” by Pia-Maria Baurek was written as a thesis for the Magistra / Magister program (Mag. Phil) and was researched at the Art History Department of the University of Vienna. While the book requires the readers to be able to comprehend texts at university level, it is an interesting read for everyone who has an interest in oil sketch artists, esp. from the Baroque era.

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