Tony Munoz Debuts ‘alteredSTATE’ a New Wellness Lifestyle and Recovery Coach Platform

alteredSTATE offers a simple, actionable personal development plan for executives and professionals.

JANUARY 29, 2021 – Tony Munoz is the founder and Chief Recovery Officer of alteredSTATE, a new wellness lifestyle and recovery coach platform. For over 20 years, Tony has led high-performing pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations in identifying the unmet needs of patients living with rare diseases.

He has now built alteredSTATE, a recovery coaching platform whose aim is to help working professionals and executives become the best version of themselves by shedding their old mentality and embracing one anchored to Positive Mindset, GRIT, Self-Care, and Movement.

alteredSTATE works with executives and professionals to overcome drug addiction, alcoholism, and other life obstacles. At alteredSTATE recovery is about more than just stopping the addictive behavior, recovery is about becoming physically and mentally fit so that clients can accomplish their goals and live a life they never imagined.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that 14.1 million adults aged 18 and older in the United States alone are affected by Alcohol Use Disorder, the chronic relapsing brain disease characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.

Munoz knows firsthand the toll addiction takes as an executive and as a father. For years, he suffered with alcoholism and the cycle of relapse. It wasn’t until he hit rock bottom by losing custody of his son that he finally started to heal.

Asking for help is the most courageous act someone can take. Asking for help is like clicking the reset button in life. Everyone has the ability to learn from mistakes and forge a better future for themselves.

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About Tony Munoz

Tony is the Chief Recovery Officer at alteredSTATE. He has coached over 200+ men and women on how to transform their lives by ending addiction cycles.

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