Luxury streetwear brand SKRIT pushes to help communities while making headway in the fashion industry

SKRIT, a luxury streetwear brand based in Montreal, Canada, is launching a striking campaign on February 15th ( that blends raw graphics and luxury materials.  A portion of all their proceeds will be donated to various partners and communities including the Vital Grounds Foundation & Amnesty International.   

The newest luxury streetwear brand, which seeks to revolutionize the fashion industry in 2021, has recently released its first collection of over 20 items including its limited Graphic Tee’s, Core collection, Accessories and much more. 

Each one of the 7 graphics represents various challenges and societal battles that our selves and the rest of the world grapple with, this is our reality.  Which are seen in the designs of its ‘F*ck 12’ or “Garden Of Sins” tee. 

“Our designs are raw and unfiltered. By building awareness through our movement, we’re able to give back to communities and non-profit organizations that really make a difference,” a representative of the company wrote in a statement.

SKRIT has been cited as a top emerging luxury streetwear brand, with its daring fashion collections featuring innovative and eye-catching angles. SKRIT said this is where style meets comfort.  

“Our campaign was created to get the world’s attention, not approval,” the representative said. 

SKRIT, the representative added, is not afraid to cause a stir with its application of “raw and unfiltered” graphics in its design. 

The unapologetic theme presented by SKRIT has sparked conversations all over social media, making headway as one of the new companies this year showing how streetwear further makes its way into luxury fashion.

“SKRIT is made for the people, by the people. In a world of chaos and uncertainty, through high fashion, we speak for the unspoken,” the representative added.

The label’s aesthetic has an emphasis on non-filtered forward-thinking, bold and distinctive prints that showcase real issues. This “no filter” approach has helped SKRIT amass a loyal following in recent months. 

On Instagram, @ShopSKRIT has already raked in a massive 45,000 followers.  Its consistent social feed of high-level animations, graphics, and models with their “Stick To The SKRIT” theme helped it gain traction online.  

SKRIT derives its name from the word “Sanskrit,” which is believed to be the mother of all languages. The Sanskrit language has been spoken since 5,000 years before Christ.

“Most of our team members, families come from war torn islands. It’s a part of our past that will live with us forever.  This is our way of bringing attention to what matters and giving back to those who need it,” the representative said. 

One of its 7 Graphic T-shirt collections which is making waves online is the “Child Soldier.” It features a young boy holding a rifle, mirroring modern day situations of atrocity and struggle in the world.  Its way of blending raw graphics with luxury is seen as bold but high fashion.

“The Child Soldier graphic design was based on one of the Sanskrit proverb’s ‘Age of Youth.’ The 7 Graphic Tee’s of our collection speaks for real world issues. A picture is worth a thousand words but SKRIT designs are worth a million,” the representative said. 

Streetwear is a relatively modern term that gained prominence in the 1990s. SKRIT is pushing to make its mark in North America and around the world.  

SKRIT believes it is a “black sheep in the herd” and “does not cater to the norm.” The blend of raw graphics and high fashion is something SKRIT believes would propel the company atop the luxury streetwear brands this year.

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