Insecta Tech Debuts Tarsus Racing Pedals

Insecta Tech Debuts Tarsus Racing Pedals
Using actively controlled motors, Tarsus Racing Pedals deliver ultimate experience

SOUTH AFRICA – FEBRUARY 1, 2021 – The team at Insecta Tech is thrilled to announce the official debut of their newest product, Tarsus Racing Pedals. These racing pedals utilize leading edge technology to fuel an exceptional simulation experience.

Insecta Tech is a leading manufacturer of high performance racing and flight simulators, primarily building large six axis simulators. Now, the company is branching out to launch products for simulation peripherals. When their team set out to create a new design for racing pedals, they wanted to go beyond what’s available on the market today. For this reason, Tarsus Racing Pedals include motors with linkage solutions as opposed to passive sensors with springs and flexible bushes.

“The benefit to this solution is the ability of the end user to customize the pedals to match the feel of the car being simulated. Alternatively, users doing more competitive racing can customize the pedals to their exact requirement for improved lap times”, said Jonathan Robson, a spokesperson for the Insecta Tech team.

Users can choose force, spring rate, damping, travel distance and more in real time to completely customize their simulation experience. All of the settings are linked to profiles that automatically change when the car is switched. Tarsus Racing Pedals feature a maximum footrest force of 16kg on the lower force pedals and 60kg on the high force pedals for a more realistic experience. In addition, the pedals are responsive to telemetry.

Pedal travel can be linked to brake wear, and the feel of the pedal can be linked to brake temperature. “The feel of the clutch, brake, or fuel pedals can be accurately matched to the real world with high resolution feedback to the PC,” said Robson.

Tarsus Racing Pedals can be used either independently for the ultimate racing packages, available as fuel and brake or as a full set. Anyone who enjoys racing simulations but is looking to improve their experience can now get their very own Tarsus Racing Pedals.

The patent pending simracing pedals are the newest innovation from Insecta Tech and their ever growing selection of highly sought after simulation products. Now alongside flagship products including the DragonFLY21 and Thorax 21, Insecta Tech Tarsus Racing Pedals are the latest in a tradition of excellence.

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