Experiences Incredible Growth in 2020 Experiences Major Growth in 2020, the Enterprise Sending Platform that offers automated gifting and logistics services on behalf of its’ clients, experienced an incredible growth rate of more than 600% compared with the sales figures of the previous year. Much of this growth rate was driven by their gifting services, yet a large percentage of the sales can be attributed to several of their newest service offerings brought to market over the past 24 months.

The Integrated Warehousing Service

One of these new services is the Integrated Warehousing feature that allows companies to store merchandise and control access of their product selection with their employees, through the utilization of the Givenly platform. The service is designed to even handle the sourcing and inventory monitoring and replenishment activities, delivering true end-to-end value to each customer.

The Kitting Service

Another contributor to last year’s growth was the Kitting Service offered by Givenly. This involves bundling unbranded and branded merchandise into exclusive kits (or sets). These impressive and customized bundles are designed to be sent out to both valued clients and new-hire employees as part of onboarding. Givenly worked on some very big projects during 2020, including one that involved sending out 18,700 kits to employees and clients to announce the IPO for a major customer.

Growth During the Pandemic

Obviously, there is no way to discuss 2020 without mentioning the coronavirus pandemic that took over most of our lives. In response to the outbreak, Givenly utilized its robust and extensive network of vendors to help with the distribution of PPE equipment to companies across various industries. Givenly played a part in ensuring that PPE such as gowns, hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves, as well as other items, were made available on demand to the organizations who needed them.

Thanks to the Integrated Warehousing Service, many clients were able to purchase bulk orders of PPE without needing to store them on-site and control who could access the products and the rate of consumption.

The Address Validation Feature

Givenly also experienced an increase in clients thanks to the launch of the Address Validation Tool. This is an important feature for many of our customers because it allows them to easily update their client’s prospects, partners, and employees’ addresses and contact details, enabling them to send gifts and merchandise with confidence and ease.

The Redemption Portal Service

2020 was also the first year of Givenly offering its Redemption Portal feature. This service provides clients the opportunity to send “the gift of choice” to recipients in the form of a digital link, at which point they can “redeem” an item of their choosing. This service was particularly popular during the holiday season of 2020 when many other gifting services were suffering.

2021 Already Proving to Be Another Successful Year of Growth

Givenly has projected that 2021 will see further large gains in sales. This growth is likely to occur thanks to the expansion of both the Kitting Service and the Integrated Warehousing Services. Furthermore, is expanding its technology prowess by delivering some hotly sought-after Enterprise features, aimed at dramatically increasing the platform’s functionality, which in turn will deliver even greater value to Givenly’s customers.

Finally, CEO Mark Mancini would like to increase the company’s affiliation with an expanded list of charities. As Mr. Mancini puts it “the Pandemic has helped people realize the importance of community and paying it forward. wants to continue living by that philosophy and further contribute to the many noble charities who rely on the support of the community at large to advance their various causes.” During the Pandemic, was a supporter and contributor to the First Responders Children Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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