SoStocked Inventory Management Software For Amazon Sellers Takes The Chaos Out Of Top Ten Inventory Management and Forecasting Issues

SoStocked Inventory Management Software For Amazon Sellers Takes The Chaos Out Of Top Ten Inventory Management and Forecasting Issues
There are beta spots still available for early adopters who want to snag the unlimited plan as SoStocked begins to wrap up its beta launch special.

SoStocked is pleased to announce that the company is looking to fill the remaining beta slots for the first fully customizable and fully understandable Amazon inventory management and forecasting software. The first wave of users can get the Unlimited plan at a low monthly price for life. All features, unlimited orders, and unlimited SKUs are included. All existing data is moved into SoStocked at no charge from any existing spreadsheet, software, or system. The company also will help clients set up the software if desired. A SoStocked Review highlights how it works and its other cool features.

The tailor-made software takes control of the top ten Amazon challenges for sellers managing inventory. These include over-ordering, under-ordering, ordering late, transferring late, tracking orders/payment, juggling spreadsheets, managing bundles, following up on POs, multiple external warehouses, and avoiding costly warehouse recounts. The software is designed to be easy to understand and customize to a seller’s specific Amazon business models.

The software creator, Chelsea Cohen, worked with programmers and 25 top sellers on Amazon to validate and build the software. “There was nothing available that worked for my Amazon business, and other sellers I talked to agreed that spreadsheets had been the closest they could get to a solution. Until we built SoStocked, there wasn’t a lot out there that worked,” shared Chelsea. The top suggestions, systems, and spreadsheets were combined into the inventory management software over the course of 18 months of development. SoStocked was created to fill a need discovered by the founder’s personal experience working with other systems, software, and management systems that didn’t work or were too expensive.

The SoStocked software is most beneficial for Amazon sellers with popular Amazon business models. These include private label sellers, plus those affected by Brexit or Amazon restock limitations or sellers with seasonal products, and wholesale sellers, even if they have many SKUs to track. There are some areas where the software is not as helpful, such as Retail Arbitrage, but further development is planned to assist with these instances.

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SoStocked offers a single software plan designed to make it easier to manage Amazon inventory. The tool is particularly suited to Amazon sellers who want to customize the software to fit their business.

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