From a fraction of rented space to producing candles at self-owned warehouses – Wicksly is a proof of extraordinary commitment to craft

Premium quality candles with elegant scents, Wicksly aims to curate the best scents at a single place. These scents are then provided to the beloved customers, who can then relax, meditate and feel the calmness in the air. Wicksly has grown since its inception, the company now operates in a much larger space and produces more candles than it has ever had. The company also aims to innovate the packaging that is going to roll out in the second quarter of 2021.

Chicago, USA – Candles with a nice scent are a good way to relieve the stress and anxiety buildup. In today’s hectic lifestyle, everyone needs to slow down once in a while. Wicksly’s motto “Life is too short. Burn the good candle” stands up to today’s lifestyle. The scented candles provided by Wicksly calm down the nerves and create an enchanting aura that makes an environment feel more lively and fresh. Wicksly provides a monthly candle subscription, where customers receive a new scented candle each month and each new season. The candle subscription box makes sure that the customers keep receiving new candles to make their places well-scented.

Wicksly now has a fully personal building space where the candles are made. But that was not the case back when the company started. At the time of its foundation, the company was operating from a rented space, now owning such a large space validates that Wicksly has grown because of the premium quality products and services provided to the customers. This expansion leaves no doubt that Wicksly is on the road to elevate in the candle industry.

In today’s era of technology, it is not wisdom but a necessity to adopt newer technology. That’s why Wicksly is aiming to integrate top-notch technology means to overcome the barrier of limitations. New technology will mean a better tech stack and eventually, better services and then, even greater expansion. Moreover, Wicksly is also bringing innovation to the packaging of the candles. 

With the exceptional growth over the years, Wicksly is looking to hire the untapped potential of the local area. The company is growing along with the team, and so, new products are also being innovated frequently. New products that are going to be launched soon will include candles of various sizes while focusing more on wellness products. In order to expand the production and logistics, Wicksly has also made capital investments on equipment, R&D and other crucial aspects.

What makes Wicksly unique, is the creation process of the candles. Each candle is handcrafted in the USA by the expert craftsmen. The hand-poured candles deliver an enchanting scent that lasts all month long. The candles are non-toxic, lead-free and scented with some of the finest oils in America. The candles from Wicksly elevate any room with exquisite, plush and the finest aroma.

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