Tsutomu Foods Co.,Ltd. Launches SoyNyack, Gluten-free Konjac Noodles containing Soybeans in the United States

Tsutomu Foods Co.,Ltd. introduces one of its products, SoyNyack Gluten-free Konjac Noodles containing Soybeans to the United States with effect from January 1st, 2021. The Japanese company has decided to enter the US market with its 100% delicious, Japanese product for easy access to consumers.

As a food company with remarkable food industry experience in the Japanese landscape, Tsutomu produces healthy food that is delicious and healthy.  Since its establishment in 1994, the company has been manufacturing and distributing different products within Japan and other Asia countries, including classic Konjac strings, konjac cake, and balls.

The Japanese food company launches SoyNyack, a Soybean Konjac Noodles with sesame dressing in the United States of America for consumers to enjoy. The delicious product is low in calories and it targets consumers who are very conscious of what they eat. Hence, the product is great for consumers who are seeking weight-loss as well as vegans and vegetarians.

The product was carefully produced through the traditional method in Gunma Prefecture, which serves as the production area of Konjac. The Soybean Konjac Noodles are easy to cook, delicious and healthy for all range of consumers. Consumers can immediately eat it after rinsing. It is that easy!

SoyNyack is white flat noodles that are completely made from soybean flour and konjac flour. The product can be prepared in different ways as the consumers please either with sauce or not with it still retaining its chewy texture. SoyNyack is a healthy product that is gluten-free, low in calories, low in carbs, and rich in dietary fiber. The noodles alone are only about 17Kcal.

Tsutomu Foods Co.,Ltd. manufactured this product in a sustainable way so that it is edible by health-conscious consumers. The SoyNyack noodles are made up of proteins from Soybeans as well as other nutrients from Konjac. The product has a smooth ride down the throats retaining its chewy texture after it is well prepared.


It is a healthy product that can easily be prepared by anyone and everyone. It can be cooked with consumers’ favorite vegetables and ingredients once the attached dressing is poured. Also, it can be cooked by pouring instant pasta sauce to make Udon or pasta.

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About Tsutomu Foods Co., Ltd.

Our company has been sincerely working on konjac production for a quarter of a century in Gunma Prefecture, which is known as a production area of konjac. Konjac is very common as a popular health food at Japanese dinner tables, but it is little known in other countries except for some parts of Asia. Now that Japanese food is in the spotlight overseas, we consider it our mission to convey the wonderfulness and deliciousness of konjac to everyone around the world, and we are making efforts in product development every day.

We manufacture and sell many original products that are not available in other companies, as well as the classic konjac strings, konjac cake, and konjac balls. We also handle school lunches and other business needs, working on many OEM products requested by companies and trading firms as well. We seriously take the needs and requests of our customers to manufacture and sell products that can only be realized by our company.

Company Profile

Company name: Tsutomu Foods Co.,Ltd.

Location: 138-1, Nogami, Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture

Representative: President and CEO Tsutomu Tsuchiya

Founded on: February 14th, 1994

URL: https://www.tsutomu-foods.co.jp/ and http://www.tsutomu-foods.co.jp/en/

Business Description: Sales and production of various konjac items from regular products to original products

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