FITGAME Reimagines Professional Fitness Equipment For Everyday People

North American fitness company places an emphasis on helping everyone workout.

While there are many companies out there offering fitness equipment and gear, most of them are tailored towards professionals such as athletes and trainers. The team at FITGAME is revolutionizing the market by taking the same gear and recreating it so that everyday people can incorporate efficient workouts into their fitness regimes.

The Canadian based company was created in 2015 and quickly began to rise to popularity with their official launch in 2018.

“FITGAME offers unique products that are unlike anything else on the market,” said a spokesperson for FITGAME. “We’ve taken some of the most common items in the fitness and health industry and have applied our unique knowledge and research to provide a true revolutionary lineup.”

One of the items in their impressive lineup is the FITGAME Workout Mask, which is made of high quality materials featuring 24 breathing resistance levels and a comfortable fit. To date, the FITGAME Workout Mask has more than 2,000 positive ratings and an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

The FITGAME Back Brace offers low back support for relief from various back issues and is available five sizes for anyone wanting to reduce pain and improve posture with an adjustable, comfortable brace.

Another highly rated product from FITGAME is their Muscle Massage Gun, which offers 30 speed levels for rapid tension relief. It comes with six replacement heads and is available in two colors.

Anyone looking to sculpt their waist is invited to take a look at the FITGAME Waist Trimmer, a trainer for men and women that helps them slim their stomachs. The adjustable trimmer can be tightened with elastic bands and offers lumbar support for daily wear and workouts.

With a growing variety of products available, FITGAME has become a leading name in the fitness industry in both Canada, where FITGAME is based, as well as across the United States.

“FITGAME products and equipment are always made from the highest quality materials to ensure safety, health, and satisfaction every time,” said a FITGAME spokesperson. While each item is designed for everyday people who want to increase well being, professionals can also use FITGAME equipment and gear with no problems.

FITGAME continues to grow in popularity. Started with just two partners, the company now has more than 21 international partners. More information about FITGAME and their line of highly rated fitness products can be found at their Amazon site.


FITGAME is an industry leader in fitness gear placing an emphasis on creating products everyone can use.

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