Trade alert company trolls Robinhood in front of millions of people.

Market trading alert company giving away hot MEME stock’s to users.

The team are the geniuses behind the RobinHood aerial banners over the west coast. Numerous banner planes dogging the controversial Robinhood app flew up and down the West Coast all week. The team are eliminating old Wall Street algorithms. provides it’s users their real-time buy and sell alerts in an unprecedented way. Text Messages. They have made it simple for everyday users to trade stock. Users no longer need to study news and charts. The old days of trading are over. Anyone who can read a text message, can follow the trades. Instantly. See the alert on a the phone, follow their trades, profit. These guys solved the problem.

Formed in 2020 the team began using their big tech background and advanced technology to monitor stock markets and news. With these advances they were able to create the programming to simply the process and get out alerts of their trades instantly. This is game changing. They are so good they post live market sessions on social media showing profits made. In real-time. Their users are winning. Consistently. Is this the new wave of trading and day traders? It appears so. They’ve cracked the code to solid gains. After the media coverage about Wall St. last week people are flocking to to get in on the action. They are offering a steep 30% discount to new subscribers. It’s a lot of real time info for just $20 a month.

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