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ClientSwipe Launches “Cheat Code” System That Helps Med Spas Book More CoolSculpting® & Cryoskin Clients

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ClientSwipe Launches “Cheat Code” System That Helps Med Spas Book More CoolSculpting® & Cryoskin Clients

February 15
21:39 2021
Founder Jourdan Eloriaga coaches med spa clients to not only get leads, but more importantly, to grow their business. The secret lies in his med spa “cheat code” system.

Many people will book an appointment at a medical spa today. Visiting one is both relaxing and refreshing, especially during a pandemic, however, some spas are not just visible to their potential clients. ClientSwipe, a consultancy firm, closes the gap between med spas and getting their customers to walk in the door using online marketing tools that actually work. To partner with med spas to improve their CoolSculpting® and Cryoskin sales and marketing, ClientSwipe launched a “cheat code” system that generates 15-20 new CoolSculpting® and Cryoskin appointments every single month.

Jourdan’s cheat code is a combination of his built-out lead-nurturing system and proven expertise. In 2017, he worked for a digital marketing agency to generate leads for its local marketing clients. Not actual booked appointments, just leads that business owners then had to spend hours following up with.

He knew there had to be a better way and that guaranteeing actual booked appointments was possible. So he made it his mission to help med spas achieve more booked appointments and sales every single month, on-demand, and with predictability.

ClientSwipe built-out a lead-nurturing and sales system that maximizes conversions and gives clients as many “at-bats” as possible. Whether a business decides to opt for appointments or just have ClientSwipe provide leads, the system generates guaranteed results either way.

Satisfied med spa owners who worked with ClientSwipe provided testimonials on its website and Facebook Page. Rachel B. said that the ClientSwipe system “was so good that it was hard to keep up with everybody. That’s a good thing. The results were great. I thought the biggest thing was being able to quickly respond to clients in both text and email [and] seeing that all simultaneously instead of constantly checking.” Rachel’s med spa got 53 booked appointments in one week.

Mike F., a multi-concept franchisee involved in some salons and some med spas, launched a new venture during the pandemic and described his experience with ClientSwipe, “We opened originally in August and from September to October, we almost doubled our revenue. It’s a tough time to launch, but I looked to Jourdan and his team who worked with us before on other concepts and try to get quality leads and ramp-up.” He added that “with the leads that Jourdan got for us, we were noticing seven to ten new leads a day, which was bigger than I’ve ever seen. Then, it didn’t slow down much…we’re seeing the same amount of leads per week compared with the first week that we ran.”

To learn more about Jourdan’s secrets and the ClientSwipe “cheat code” system to generate 15 20 new CoolSculpting® and Cryoskin appointments every single month, be sure to visit

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