How Natalie MacNeil Is Revolutionizing The Coaching Industry With Her Embodied Methodology

Most coaching is focused on taking action, working toward goals, and creating more achievement and success. What about deep fulfillment, personal freedom, wellbeing while achieving, building emotional resilience to handle anything that comes up, and living from joy? Those aren’t talked about as much as hustling toward what we want. That’s why it’s no surprise that at least half the population has experienced burnout according to a study by Clockify. There is a more holistic way to create our dream lives, and Natalie MacNeil believes it starts with an embodiment. 

Natalie MacNeil talks about embodiment not just as the experience of our physical bodies but as the expressed beingness of something, whether a thought, feeling, desire, or belief. Her coaching methodology, called Transformational Embodiment, takes it a step further as the expressed beingness, in the present moment, of that which you desire to create in the future. Her approach bridges the gap between being and doing, feeling and thinking, heart and mind, subjective and objective, the feminine and the masculine.

Natalie MacNeil At A Glance

Natalie was born in Toronto, Canada. She moved to the United States four years ago and now has her dream life in Los Angeles.

Natalie has helped over a million people create extraordinary lives and businesses over the last decade through her website, videos, podcast, and online programs? Well, Natalie is an Emmy-Award winning media entrepreneur and a 5x best-selling author of the wildly popular books The Rituals and The Conquer Kit and Conquer Your Year. She is also a globetrotter and has been to 100over 80 countries. Besides, Natalie is the Creator of, listed by Forbes on “Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs.” 

Natalie has been featured in the glossy print and digital pages of Glamour magazine, Inc., Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, TIME, and more. She was also included in Inc. Magazine on its list of “27 Women Entrepreneurs Changing the World.” 

Natalie is devoted to expanding human potential. She has undergone intensive training and certifications in various modalities, including neuro strategic coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), kundalini mudra meditation, breathwork, and more. Also, her passion for always inspiring and supporting others was something that made her a glowing star. 

Natalie is presently focused on her work as the founder of Embodiment Coaching Institute, an institution transforming lives with their embodiment coaching methodology. She is trailblazing a new paradigm of professional and personal development through her holistic, embodied approach to coaching and transformation. Her method was the result of her own experiences with a more masculine, achievement-oriented approach to coaching that didn’t resonate with her.

Transformational Embodiment Coaching


But this dominant view, which places cognitive and materially-driven approaches above all else, is the very belief that’s holding us back from realizing our fullest potential as multi-faceted beings.

Natalie believes that for transformation to be long lasting, it has to be embodied physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and mentally.

By engaging multiple modalities and every layer of one’s being, the Transformational Embodiment Coaching Method is a truly holistic methodology that bridges the gaps between being and doing, feeling and thinking, heart and mind, subjective and objective, the feminine and the masculine.

It’s the key to lasting transformation, instead of temporary changes in state, habits, and ways of being.


Are you ready to follow the callings on your heart? You can connect to this ‘transformer of our generation’ and unlock your highest potential. 

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