Why Do Others Sacrifice for People Safety? Jennifer Stowell Tells the Untold Story of Modern-Day Policing

Why Do Others Sacrifice for People Safety? Jennifer Stowell Tells the Untold Story of Modern-Day Policing

“Americans deserve to have the best people in law enforcement roles and police officers deserve only the best support in return.”
– Jennifer Stowell

Law enforcement is among the noblest professions: a peaceful society is not likely to exist without it. Yet most people tend to take police officers for granted — until they need them. Jennifer Stowell’s life work is to change that perspective for the sake of members of this noble profession and society’s safety.

In her recent #1 international best-selling book, “Driven to Serve – Law Enforcement: Real Stories About Public Service in Uncertain Times,” Jennifer Stowell paints a picture the public rarely sees of the everyday experience of the police officer. Through interviews and descriptions of ride-alongs, she shares stories about unsung heroes, lifesaving successes, personal triumphs, as well as more controversial interactions with the police. She also provides well-researched and considered perspectives on the complexities and layers of issues about the current state of policing and the justice system.

The author exhorts citizens to recognize: “What is so disturbing in our current environment is how riots, police station takeovers, and lootings are occurring… There obviously is a need to have reforms in the justice system, and we as a civil society can certainly do better than overreacting and wrongfully assuming the worst about our community public servants who are dedicated to protecting our public safety.”

Jennifer highlights how the police have been under fire in recent years, facing relentless protests, threats of defunding and disarming, and even outright abolishment. If the withdrawal of support for law enforcement continues, she believes that America “may face a genuine catastrophe.” Jennifer shares three key perspectives to help increase citizens’ and leaders’ understanding:

#1 It is important to see each other as individuals and give others praise and credit. People need to step back and see how their police officers are people, just like they are, with their own stories. The book’s stories provide a valuable window into their lives, struggles, triumphs, and dreams.

#2  Law enforcement is losing good people; some of the best talents are leaving the profession. Before states, counties, and municipalities thoughtlessly lose this country’s best safety advocates and protectors, it is essential they try to save those who are still dedicated and willing to serve.

#3  Remember that those who provide law and order separate American society from unbridled anarchy. The peace officers and firefighters protect America within its boundaries, dedicating their own lives to “save lives and protect property,” as their oath states. Their sacrifice keeps citizens free.

Jennifer Stowell hopes these considerations will help increase understanding and inspire people to support those driven to serve and to create positive change in this vital segment of American society.

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