Sought-After Hair Stylist Gillian Garcia Launches New JUPOPPIN COLLECTION for Healthier Hair

Healthy, beautiful hair is more than just a physical affirmation. It also affects a person’s self-esteem.

Many people will agree that the hair is a person’s crowning glory. A good hair day speaks more than just a person’s appearance but also the person’s confidence level. This is one of the main reasons why Gillian Garcia, an amazing hairstylist, and educator launches her JUPOPPIN COLLECTION.

Gillian Garcia’s newest product line was born in the heart of the pandemic. Its products have grown very popular because of their effectiveness, tons of positive reviews, along with so many amazing results and output, resulting in healthier hair.

JUPOPPIN’s tag line is “where healthy hair is always trending,” a spokesperson from JUPOPPIN shared. As an advocate for self-love, acceptance, and growth, Gillian was so proud to introduce the JUPOPPIN COLLECTION to the market. This new line of hair-care products aims to empower every one of its users all over the world. Gillian Garcia is known for being a healthy hair guru and she vows to live up to that expectation. The JUPOPPIN COLLECTION addresses different hair struggles and brings such joy not only to its users but also to Gillian Garcia whose core purpose is to help build stronger self-esteem.

Gillian Garcia is one of Brooklyn’s most sought-after hairstylists. Her attention to detail is beyond average, allowing her to understand every need of every hair. She also is passionate about her craft. This passion fuels her creativity that persuades clients to come back and trust her skills.

JUPOPPIN’s top-selling product is its Growth Oil, also known as its liquid gold. This product helps regrow hair and hairlines. It also helps thicken thinning hair and just maintain the overall health of the hair.

Gillian’s next top-seller is the JUPOPPIN Vit E Oil, which moisturizes the hair, adds shine, and helps detangle it. It’s everyone’s BFF on wash day.

What’s good about the JUPOPPIN COLLECTION is that it caters to both natural and treated hair. Looking at a Gillian Garcia video of her Finger Coils using the JUPOPPIN Foaming Lotion is beyond beautiful.

The brand also offers the JUPOPPIN Limited Edition Men’s Grooming Oil. This exotic oil blend helps soften the hair condition of the skin and create long-lasting protection against damage and moisture loss.

Healthy hair as well as solutions to healthier hair will always be Gillian Garcia’s main goal and passion. She encourages people to look good and feel good. She also urges individuals to never forget that they’re beautiful.

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JUPOPPIN is the newly launched hair care product line by Gillian Garcia. As one of the most sought-after hairstylists in New York and Los Angeles, Gillian has become a master of her craft. She dedicates her life to perfecting the art of hairstyling. The pandemic doesn’t hinder Gillian and her advocacy to provide everyone worldwide to have beautiful hair. Thus, JUPPOPIN is born. The brand aims to provide its customers with healthier hair.

Gillian is also a philanthropist leading “The Best Me Program” and “Project Give Back” with a beautiful smile and a giving heart. Apart from these foundations, she also heads the Gillian Garcia Artistry salon in Brooklyn. The Best Me Program, Project Give Back, and Gillian Garcia Artistry are extensions of this extraordinarily selfless individual whom many have come to love. Without Gillian’s endless love for her community, many young women would continue to underestimate their self-worth. Gillian pledges to continuously use her gifts and abilities to make sure no woman fights this battle alone.

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