Cammack Estates Launches Online “Key To Success” Hub To Empower Early-Stage Real Estate Investors

Chris Cammack, founder of Cammack Estates, seeks to educate investors searching for high-growth opportunities and lessons on how to scale effectively.

Chris Cammack founded Cammack Estates in Fort Wayne, Indiana, over a year ago with the vision of developing a full-service real estate development company. By all accounts, Cammack achieved that goal in 2020, closing the year with over 50 rental properties, in addition to brokering 70+ real estate deals in the last few years.

Now, he’s leveraging all his first-hand experiences, trials, and successes, and channeling them into an educational resource for early-stage real estate investors and entrepreneurs. This educational hub will be known as the Key To Success platform, and it will include coaching programs, business consultations, networking opportunities (through private Facebook groups), in-person investor meet-ups, as well as a real estate flipping course. All these resources will be informed by research, risk-based financial modeling, real-life experiences, and advice that Cammack himself has instituted in his 70+ successful real estate deals.

Cammack’s real estate flipping course will be hosted entirely online, through the Key To Success portal, and lessons will be self-taught, as investors work through the content at their own pace. Given that this founder launched his business while working a full-time corporate job, he intentionally designed this course to provide high-value information that investors can institute from day 1 of learning. He chooses to ground this video-formatted course in the same highly actionable advice that he himself instituted with his first property investment: a flip that he closed the chapter on just 3 months later (while simultaneously working the 9 to 5 career he used to finance the deal), with a $100,000 profit margin.

In offering this course, it appears that Cammack has tapped into a rising phenomenon the American labor force is experiencing: more people want to work for themselves. Why is that? In a nutshell, US workers want more control over 1) where they work, 2) when they work, and 3) their career development. Not only that, but the financial opportunity being one’s own boss affords, paired with higher levels of self-fulfillment, means entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly attractive option, especially among the Millenial and Gen Z generations.

Helping prepare motivated investors for a long, lucrative career in real estate is how Cammack aims to meet this future-looking trend. More information on the real estate flipping course (as well as the Key To Success educational hub) can be found here:

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