White Paper Research on Current State of Alcohol Addiction in India

Alpha Healing Center presents research on the current state of Alcohol Addiction in India and other related details.

The increasing consumption of Alcohol in India has become one of the major problems in the country. This has lead to what we hear as Alcohol Addiction. Alcohol and its addiction have taken over almost all the states of India and its citizens. Alpha Healing Center has published white paper research on Alcohol Addiction in India that speaks of the major reasons and effects of this rising issue.

The research includes all the major driving forces of this issue in India. Apart from those forces,  readers will also get to know about a brief history of alcohol consumption in India and how it’s consumption continues increasing year by year. The Indian Ancient literature dating back to 2000BC includes details of beverages made out of ethanol.

Soma and Sura were among other alcoholic beverages that were being consumed in that era. The literature further mentioned that excessive consumption of these beverages could result in negative results. As we moved ahead, i.e. in the Colonial Period, distilled form of alcohol took over traditional alcoholic beverages and made their way into people’s lives.

The research also includes reasons behind alcohol addiction in India. Some of the reasons include a Stressful Environment, Drinking at an early age, Lack of family supervision, etc. Apart from these reasons, readers will also get to learn about the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages in India.

It also gives an insight on the age group of people who have become a victim of Alcohol Addiction in India. For instance, more than 88% of young Indian people aged under 25 purchase alcohol as it is legal in many states to purchase alcohol after 21 years of age.

About Alpha Healing Center:

Alpha Healing Center is a De-Addiction or De-Addiction Center located in Gujarat. They provide holistic and different treatments to individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. They provide evidence-based treatments that offer complete recovery from the addiction. They also provide a follow-up program that ensures an addiction-free life after recovery.

This white paper research includes every other information related to alcohol addiction and its effects. The addiction is not a result of a few days, rather it is a problem that takes many problems to develop. However, Alpha Healing Center offers all kinds of remedies and methods that can help people to come out of the problem of addiction. Moreover, this institution believes in using a holistic approach to overcome this issue.

To read the research paper, you can visit their official website. For more details contact, 1800-102-0489.

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