One of Eugene, OR’s Top Bankruptcy Lawyers, Butcher Law Office, LLC Now Taking on Wage Garnishment Cases

One of Eugene, OR’s Top Bankruptcy Lawyers, Butcher Law Office, LLC Now Taking on Wage Garnishment Cases

Eugene, OR – The consequences of colossal debt can be bitter. Many people who are faced with a massive debt that they are unable to service often find themselves depressed and unable to resolve the problem. As a leading bankruptcy attorney in the Eugene, OR area, Butcher Law Office, LLC ensures that clients facing such a financial situation are offered the best solution to resolve their debt crisis.

Having focused its practice on representing clients in debt for years, Butcher Law Office, LLC is proud to be taking on Wage Garnishment cases in the Eugene, OR area.

The bankruptcy attorney, describing Wage Garnishment and its effect on the finances of debtors, noted: “If you have medical debt or credit card debt that is accruing interest, your creditor can file a lawsuit against you to obtain a judgment. Once they have a judgment against you, they can begin using the full force of the law to dig into your finances and assets. They can place liens on your real estate, levy your bank account, or garnish your wages. When they garnish your wages, this becomes embarrassing, and it puts you in a potentially awkward financial position. With many people living from paycheck to paycheck, a garnishment on your wages can send you into a downward financial spiral that is nearly impossible to work your way out of. Butcher Law Office, LLC is here to help.”

The Bankruptcy Attorney at Butcher Law Office, LLC ensures that each client is offered the best possible legal service towards better understanding their finances and the best path to follow for a favorable outcome.

The attorney understands that they need to move quickly for a creditor to garnish the client’s wages. To counter this, the attorney also moves faster by filing for bankruptcy on behalf of the client, the debtor. Once this has been done, all creditor actions are required by law to be halted, which protects the debtor from the creditor’s wrath.

The attorney also represents the interest of borrowers whose wages are already being garnished.

Attorney Tom Butcher said: “Those whose wages are already being garnished can stop the garnishments immediately. At Butcher Law Office, LLC, we will immediately send the notice of the bankruptcy to your payroll department to stop the garnishments. If a creditor had garnished more than $600 from your paycheck or bank account in the 90 days before you filed for your bankruptcy, we could get that money back for you.”

Contact Butcher Law Office, LLC for results via their phone line at (541) 762-1967 or visit the office at 116 State Hwy 99 N #101, Eugene, OR 97402 US. for more information, visit their website.

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