Awakening Starseeds Book Series gets picked up by Barnes and Noble.

Awakening Starseeds, Shattering Illusions Volume One is back and better than ever in its second edition. This soulful book was picked up by America’s largest retailer, Barnes and Noble with over 600 bookstores in the US. This is a huge win for Radhaa Publishing House who specializes in heart-centered and collaborative book series.  

Awakening Starseed: Shattering Illusions, Volume 1, is the first and original Awakening Starseed book series ever put out in the world.

Awakening Starseeds is one of the most unusual books on the market today. Its collaborative efforts from the international community sparked a palette of vibrant voices from all over the world. From Asia, Europe, Canada, and, of course, the United States of America, authors came together to share their stories. Because of its diversity, Awakening Starseeds encompass many perspectives of knowledge, wisdom, brilliance, and healing shared by co-authors with our world. 

“This book contains transcendental experiences carrying the readers into other realms. It is a multidimensional weaving of real-life stories from all walks of life.” – Radhaa Publishing House.


Ben Chasteen, Host of Edge of Wonder, holds his copy alongside authors at an event. 

Radhaa Nilia, the curator of Awakening Starseeds and owner of Radhaa Publishing House, says: “We are in a time of great change. One where we must make a choice that will shape our collective destiny. We must choose to awaken to these shifts and co-create together for a better future.”

What readers say about Awakening Starseeds:

“Powerful messages for the awakening conscious mind.” ~ Moon Cookie, Amazon Review

“This book is the spiritual chicken soup for the soul.” ~ Kate, Amazon Review 

“Many passages of this book moved me to tears as I felt the genuineness of authors’ intensive experiences on their path to know who they are. Something palpably pure resonated with my soul, and I felt relief from my anxieties over the civilizational abuse of mother earth that’s been bothering me for a long time. It raised my hopes of planetary recovery through the awakening of people all around the world. Moreover, I am so grateful for having the chance to learn about many beings igniting the healing process in people to reconnect with their souls. I feel blessed, enriched, and encouraged to explore new horizons of spiritual growth. I appreciate all available links to uplifting sources for my spiritual development, widely opening my heart to radical love and enhancing intuition.” ~ Martina, Amazon Review


The beauty of this book is that it is filled with vital information on the Starseed experience. So what are Starseeds? Those human beings who are awakening at this time are known as Starseeds or lightworkers. They are the forerunners of our collective human awakening. They have been planted on Earth at this time to contribute to this current shift in consciousness.


Michelle Lopez and Lyn Pacificar, Co-Authors of Awakening Starseed: Shattering Illusions, Volume One

This book brings to the conscious reader the raw and revealing experiences, real-life stories shared by authors who couragously and openly recognize they are in the process of shedding the old paradigm. Each author shares vulnerabilities from an authentic place and, at the same time, offers their inner strength, courage, and inspiration. Collectively, these authors are healing the planet by healing themselves and speaking of truths that would not have been readily embraced just a few years ago.

What Awakening Starseeds Authors say:

“This is a very important timeline in the history of our planet. It is time to realize our relationship with our spirit. We can no longer neglect the calling of our soul. It is our time to collectively shift and evolve spiritually because the great universe is calling us back home! Awakening Starseeds is unapologetic to express all that is human and soulful.” ~ Maya The Shaman, author 


“This was the best investment I’ve made in myself. It’s an exciting process to become a Bestselling Author.” ~ Cristal Ortis, author

What makes this Awakening Starseeds book unique is that Radhaa Publishing House is an incubator for upcoming spiritual and heart-based authors. It inspires hidden feelings to be expressed fully. It is a container created to allow writers to have a voice through their literary work. “As a publishing house, we are committed to delivering products and services that empower and educate individuals and the public while helping heal our planet,” says Radhaa

Awakening Starseeds, Shattering Illusions Volume One are experiences unearthed from deep within, invaluable teachings. These stories will become the bridge to others looking for inspiration and guidance during these times of change. Let these stories and experiences shared by these pioneering groups of authors awaken the Starseed in you. 


The Starseed Authors for this second edition collaboration include Radhaa Nilia, Maya Verzonilla aka Maya The Shaman, Abigail Diaz Juan, Michael Pestano, Lyn Pacificar, Michelle Lopez, Stasia Bliss, Byron Bradley Carrier, Captain Cosmic, Robert Rubin, Cristal Ortiz, Arrameia Auraire Araiss, Teza Zialcita, Lillie Love, Karuna Chinchkhede, Raziel Arcega, Lalitah Sunra, Joshua Hathaway.

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