Abdellah Zejli: The Entrepreneur Expert in Branding and Marketing

Abdellah Zejli: The Entrepreneur Expert in Branding and Marketing

Abdellah Zejli is a business leader at the head of many brands, and all happen to be number one in his target market. Thanks to his mastered marketing strategies, he manages to place each of his brands as the best references for consumers. He is a young entrepreneur that succeeded in positioning himself as a leader in e-commerce, a tempting field that requires many skills. That is why Abdellah Zejli decided to accompany and share knowledge with those who want to follow in his footsteps.

At 34 years old, Abdellah Zejli managed to impose himself in a very competitive sector, e-commerce. Of Moroccan origin, Abdellah Zejli is one of the best-known e-merchants in the field. In 2016, during the early days of e-commerce, Abdellah Zejli and his business partner Imad Mghari decided to launch a business selling on the Internet. Both passionate about the automotive industry, it is in this field that Abdellah Zejli began his great adventure online. That’s how they developed their very first brand: Car Lighting District. The business got acquired by one of the largest Canadian distributors for several million dollars. Car Lighting District was the beginning of the multiple successes of the accomplished entrepreneur.

This first and more than successful venture gave Abdellah a taste for online selling and branding. Having become an e-commerce expert whose success is no longer a secret, Abdellah decided to put his expertise and skills to good use by creating other brands, all of which have become benchmarks in their respective markets.

And that’s the holy grail for e-merchants. Developing products and creating real branding around one brand is not given to everyone. With the multitude of new brands existing on the market, it has become an increasingly difficult challenge. Being an expert in marketing is a skill that everyone struggles with, and Abdellah Zejli has understood this.

It is why he created Ecom District to pass on his expertise and allow those who feel the need to get all the advice they need to succeed in developing their business in the long term. A training in which he offers real personalized coaching to master 100% of the different aspects of e-commerce, essential to stand out and create profitable brands in the long term. Abdellah Zejli offers real support to people by accompanying them, from creating a website and marketing strategy to drafting the general conditions of sale or refund policies on their website.

Ecom District makes it possible to professionalize oneself to accomplish the most beautiful of journeys as an e-merchant. Excellent prospects are emerging for this entrepreneur. Stay tuned via Abdellah’s Instagram

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