One to One Business Coaching London by Business Coach Tim Brown to Achieve Specific Goals and Long-Term Business Objectives

One to One Business Coaching London by Business Coach Tim Brown to Achieve Specific Goals and Long-Term Business Objectives
Tim Brown coaches businesses using the world’s most successful business coaching system ActionCOACH. Under his mentorship, businesses have registered increased sales and have exceeded their targets. His coaching includes strategic planning, data and KPIs, sales and marketing, and systems.

According to announcements released by ActionCOACH and Tim Brown, the one to one business coaching London provided by this coaching service has enabled enterprises to boost bottom lines and coached entrepreneurs to take home more money. 

Businesses can begin their journey to growth in three easy steps. First, Tim Brown offers a 30-minute broad overview call that illuminates the significant challenges and major opportunities present. The second step involves prospects filling a detailed business health check questionnaire that informs the business coach about the business’s present state. It also provides the business owners with the opportunity of facing detailed questions; this often leads to brainwaves and ideas by the business owners, with some vital guidance by Tim Brown. Third, Tim Brown offers a 90-minute complimentary coaching session to provide clarity, solutions, and value to the business owner. 

Business coach Tim Brown uses focused conversations to help businesses understand how achievable and realistic their dreams are and then convert them into specific objectives backed by an action plan. The business coach is present as a catalyst through the process – guiding, encouraging, stimulating the entrepreneur to think, and providing answers. 

ActionCOACH Tim Brown works alongside the client in a partnership that can carry the client’s business to its zenith. Successful businesses can be expanded or sold more quickly. Such businesses also attract quality talent that contributes to taking things forward. 

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Tim Brown of ActionCOACH said, “What drives me on is working with growth-minded, positive, and proactive business owners. I want to see people enjoying the prestige and financial security that a business owner should bring. Together, we can make the most of your potential and create a sustainable business and life success. My clients are passionate experts in their industry – and inspire others to be the same. I’ll push you to learn, grow and turn ideas into plans and actions that bring sustainable results.”

On why a business needs a business coach, Brown said, “There are seven variables that help improve your company valuation, all of which are long-term projects. So, it requires some specialist knowledge and a constant commitment to taking the actions week after week, month after month to build your winning machine, just like getting fit. 

Starting and building a company is a brave, bold, and exciting undertaking. Creating a winning machine’s emotional and financial rewards is huge, as is the challenge you face. There are about six million registered businesses in the UK, 80 percent of which are single-owner operations.

Only one in 25 ever achieves annual revenue of more than £1million – and just one in 250 sees revenue above £10m. Roughly 65 percent of businesses go bust in their first five years –sadly, almost the same proportion do so in the second five. And only four percent of companies are sold as a going concern.”

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ActionCOACH Tim Brown has been a full-time business coach for nearly a decade. He has a background of working in UK equity institutional stockbroking and corporate broking with top-tier firms. His experience enables him to grasp issues concerning various sectors quickly. His passion for helping businesses drives his work. 

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