Build wholesome connections with genuine friends and improve mental health with New App on Kickstarter

Create Family is a non-dating app for those who are looking for true friends on whom they can count on in life.

3 in 5 Americans are lonely in the contemporary tech-driven world and the problem has further exaggerated in the current pandemic era. People are in dire need of emotional support and the absence of it can take a serious toll on mental health. In that light, a NY-based licensed psychologist has recently launched a new app on Kickstarter that will help people to connect with true like-minded friends from all across the world. Titled “Create Family”, the app aims to improve mental health by helping users to build wholesome connections with kindred spirits.

Create Family is driven by the mission to help users make new friends and discover a sense of community – a community on which they can fall back upon both in times of joy and sorrow. It’s a non-dating app for those who wish to make platonic friendships and meet like-minded folks they can actually count on.

“Based on my 2 decades of experience as a professional psychologist, I have experienced how genuine human connection can enrich and alter a person’s life and for better. Over-dependence of technology has created a rift in human relationships and the current pandemic era has only made it worse. Create Family fill the gap here by taking virtual friendships to the next level. The whole idea here is to provide a platform for building wholesome connections and strong community that will support you when you need a shoulder to lean on”, stated CT psychotherapist  Susan LeClair, LMFT – Create Family.

Speaking on, she stressed that a lot of people are looking to expand their circle of friends for various reasons – loss of a loved one, toxic breakups, divorce and so on. Create Family is designed to connect them to that right friend/s so that together they can foster a healthy relationship. The app is also driven to contribute to improve mental health. In that light, Create Family will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to charities working on mental health.

“Man is a social animal and hence it’s our universal human need to have authentic friendships. But, sometimes, finding real reliable friends seems like a myth. This is where Create Family comes in. This is the platform where you will find many like-minded people from all around the world who are looking for true friendships- just like you. As a Create Family member, you will find people with whom you can develop deeper and genuine connections- they will be your safe place whether you feel low or on cloud 9. At present, we are looking forward to starting the development of the app and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the app to life and create the world a better and warmer place to live in.”

Backers will be rewarded with a special Kickstarter discount on Create Family subscription packages.

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