Drug Rehab Team Offers Help To Men Suffering From Addiction

Inspire Change Wellness for addiction treatment center takes care of men in need of help due to alcohol and or drug abuse problems. It is only men inclusive, making it very suitable for clients, helping them to feel more comfortable in expressing themselves, as studies have shown that men, primarily feel pressure to be strong, and their weaknesses are stigmatized, so they are more likely to let go and be vulnerable within the presence of other men only who are suffering from the same issues.

A variety of treatment programs

The center has multiple programs offering treatments for different drug types, among these: heroin, marijuana, meth, cocaine, opioids and many others as well as alcohol.

Multiple therapists and addiction treatment professionals from both genders make up the team of caregivers who assist the patients. The team members come from a multitude of clinical backgrounds and have significant research experiences in the addiction treatment field, graduating from medical and mental health institutions from all over the world. The team is determined and dedicated to providing the most appropriate and efficient treatment to the clients.

When the patient first arrives, he will get to be presented to the staff that he will be working with, he will then be separated from his family and escorted to his room where he will be able to unpack and settle in. After that, the patient will be introduced to the fellow residents, and he can then choose to have his first one on one counselling session to explain further his specific issues and concerns to his health care provider.

The patient’s family members and friends will be room will be contacted on a regular basis and informed about the progress of their loved one throughout the treatment process. It is very important to know about the addiction treatment cost in Vancouver, BC.

The treatment centers’ approach

The rehab center takes on a holistic approach in the addiction treatment process. The entirety of the client’s background and history is taken into consideration. The rehab center programs focus on determining and treating the deep, underlying causes of the addiction issues and not just to the apparent symptoms.

The treatment center has a multitude of treatment options to choose from to suit a variety of needs. Different methods of treatment are applied, as clients respond differently to certain forms of treatment. The rehab center has the skills, experience, and facilities to offer multiple activities, including one on one treatment sessions as well as group therapy and family-inclusive treatment and counselling sessions.

The center has documented results, assuring that the vast majority of clients who chose to be treated at the rehab center, continue to lead on positive, and addiction-free lives.

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