Chin Tung Sheng – A Famous Social Media Influencer Who Rose To Fame At A Young Age

Chin Tung Sheng is a social media personality who rose to fame at the age of 23 because of his successful investments. He is also a social media influencer with a fan-base of 355 thousand people on Instagram.

Singapore – Chin Tung Sheng is a private investor who has worked with several big companies and firms. He works with fund houses that do Forex and holds a $7 Million portfolio with a company investment portfolio of $380 Million. He owns an entertainment and asset management company. He is the director of Singapore-based Grey Solutions. When asked about his investment ventures, he said, “I like diversifying assets. There are many upcoming sectors with tremendous growth opportunities and I like to learn about them and invest in those which I feel promising”.

Despite being a young, successful and, busy investor,  he takes time out to socialize. He is a social animal. His Instagram account contains posts from various events, attending conferences in luxury cars, photos with celebrities, pictures of the countries that he visits, and parties. It can be seen on his Instagram that he loves to collect luxury timepieces like Patek Philippe & Audemars Piguet. When asked about his free time activities, he says “In my free time, I socialize with celebrities, business owners & attend social luxury events. I share most of my socializing activities directly on my Insta page and my followers love it”. He is a social media influencer and has a follower-base of 355 thousand people on Instagram. People love him for who he is.

He is one of the most loved and followed influencers in Singapore. All of his posts receive thousands of likes and comments. He is loved by everyone in Singapore.  He was also featured in the list of Singapore’s top influencers in the South China Morning Post”. He keeps a balance between involvement in personal and professional life. He is still looking for ways to expand his portfolio and be more influential than he already is. His LinkedIn profile contains the description “Entrepreneur/Director/Investor/Socialite” which remarkably shows his multi-talented nature, interest in business, and his liking for social media.

Chin Tung Sheng is currently studying at Kaplan for a business and law diploma. He has an interest in Entertainment and technology. He believes that to become an Instagram influencer the first step is to have an appealing and aesthetic Instagram feed. His Instagram feed shows his lifestyle, his love for luxury cars, his personal life, and his travels.

Chin Tung Sheng is the kind of person who likes to test his limits and patience and intends to become a better version of himself every day. His plans for 2021 are to expand his portfolio and be a lot better at what he does than he is right now. On the question of his plans for 2021, he says “I hope the economy will bounce back after passing through the slowdown phase of 2020 and it will reinitiate several halted projects of the past year along with bringing out new growth opportunities”.

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