Why Are 613 Blonde Wigs So Popular?

Why Are 613 Blonde Wigs So Popular?

Yolissa Hair
Welcome the star hair wigs – 613 blonde wigs.

The weather gradually warming, there’s a feeling of spring in the air. It’s time to get a new hair wig for the coming new season. 613 blonde hair color is matchable with spring.

1. Hot-Selling 613 Blonde Wigs 

As the Yolissa Hair store’s trademark, 613 blonde wigs have always been popular among all customers. Yolissa Hair hot-selling 613 blonde wigs include straight, body wave, and deep wave. High-quality hair wigs with amazing 613 blonde hair colors can give people a mysterious image. 

2. Why Are 613 Blonde Wigs So Popular? 

Why are 613 blonde wigs so popular? It must have its advantages.

2.1 Transparent Lace

All 613 blonde wigs are made of 100% human virgin hair bundles and transparent laces. Transparent lace is one type of Swiss laces. The lace color is transparent that can match most skin colors.

2.2 No Need To Bleach Knots

All the hair and hair roots of 613 blonde wigs have been bleached from natural black hair for many times before shipping out. So customers don’t need to bleach knots of their 613 blonde wigs anymore. Everyone can install the 613 blonde wigs directly after receiving the parcels.

2.3 Pre-plucked With Baby Hair

Every 613 blonde wig also has done pre-plucked with baby hair. In this way, customers can get a more natural and real hairline. And this does help women to complete their looks and save installing time. But different people have different standards to pre-plucked. If people think the wigs are not pre-plucked enough, they can do it again.

2.4 Can Dye The Hair To Other Colors Directly

Workers have to bleach the hair first if they want to dye the hair blond. 613 blonde hair color is bleached from natural black hair color. Every 613 blonde wig people bought from Yolissa Hair can be dye again to other hair colors directly. 

Attention: Don’t forget to do deep conditions after redyeing.

3. Typical 613 Blonde Wigs Recommendation

3.1 613 Blonde Straight Wigs

Straight hair texture is a common and regular hair texture. Most women will choose to have this classic hairstyle. As classic is never out of trend. Finally, surpassingly sparkles are crashed out in the ideal combination between a classic hair texture and an outstanding hair color.

3.2 613 Blonde Body Wave Wigs

After introducing 613 blonde straight wigs, the 613 blonde body wave wig is also a traditional and attractive hairstyle. Compared to straight hair, the curls of body wave hair are loose and big that can help women show how mature they are. 

3.3 613 Blonde 6×6 Lace Closure Wigs

6×6 lace closure wigs are one kind of lace closure wigs. Lace closure wigs are the classic type of lace wigs. Lace closure wigs are made of lace closures and 100% human virgin hair bundles. As the lace size of a lace closure wig is smaller than a lace frontal wig. Lace closure wigs are easier to install, and the prices of lace closure wigs are also more affordable for most people.

4. How To Care 613 Blonde Wigs? 

613 blonde is a very beautiful and amazing hair color. As people enjoyed the beauty of 613 blonde wigs, don’t forget to take good care of them. 

4.1 Detangle the hair firstly before comb it.

4.2 Use a wide-teeth comb to comb the hair ends firstly. Then comb the middle part. Finally, brush the hair from the top to the ends.

4.3 Use warm water and good-quality hair shampoos to wash.

4.4 Please reduce to use of purple shampoo. If the 613 wigs have been redyed or permed, please do a deep condition.

4.5 After washing, absorb the water with a dry towel. Don’t wring or rub. Detangle with fingers gently.

4.6 Put the wig on a wig standing and let it air dry. Don’t do any style or comb it when it is wet.

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