Dr. Tyra Hodge All Geared up to Launch Hellhound to Guide on Distinctive Leadership Skills

Picking up leadership skills and styles is a continuous journey in life. Dr. Tyra Hodge presents Hellhound: 7 Leadership Styles Explained in Doggy Terms, the guide on how to go about leadership.

Chicago – Dr. Tyra Hodge is already a famous motivational speaker and abehavioral specialist. Her upcoming book, Hellhound: 7 Leadership Styles Explained in Doggy Terms, is all set to make a splash in the market on 1 March 2021. The trailer is out now, offering a sneak peek of what awaits the readers. The book will guide leaders about the seven different leadership styles, from a Super Alpha to Hyena. It will help leaders in communicating their ideas to the subordinates.

“I have over these years, found people complaining of the lack of commitment from each member in the team. They might not be aware of the ways they could get their thoughts across to their team members. There are many leaders craving to achieve more from their team. My upcoming book, Hellhound, is a great solution for leaders. Every team has potential, but how good is their output depends on the team’s leader. Are you cut for the role, or are you just picking it up? I have written about it all,” states Dr. Tyra Hodge herself.

The book explains a lot about the characteristics the team members must also have. Only a strong set of team players contribute to any fun and excitement. The book focuses on seven traits or styles of leadership that every head must possess. The unique fashion of explaining these terms in doggy lexicons makes for great fun.

Hellhound is all set to break several myths about leadership and to lead the teams. The author Tyra Hodge has spent a long time as a motivational speaker and has guided corporate honchos all this while. Hence, her ideas on easing the delegative democracy and identifying the team players’ potential qualities are worth reading.

She further added, “New entrepreneurs, established corporate leaders, and king makers are often on the lookout for talent. They spend a lot of time finding the right resource. But it takes only a smart head to make this manpower to a highly-functioning group. My book, Hellhound, will open your eyes to the seven different types of leadership skills. It will also help you discover yourself as a company or a team leader. Do your subordinates listen to you? If they do not, then it is time you change something about you. I have listed out the problems and the solutions from my own experience and knowledge. I have gained insight into what works for the teams to succeed. Behind every successful project is a welcome change a person might have made. The book is aimed to do that for you too.”

The book will release on 1 March 2021 and will be available online and offline. Humans are social animals, and to work in a team, one must make themselves aware of these traits, as discussed in the book, Hellhound: 7 Leadership Styles Explained in Doggy Terms.

About the Author:

Dr.Tyra Hodge has faced tremendous struggle at an early age in life. From there, she has only grown. After graduating from Alvin Community College, she has worked through master’s and even doctoral degrees while becoming a teacher and an author.

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