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The Latest Manga Series by Othello Gooden Jr, PowerLand: Huriya is Up for Funding on Kickstarter

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The Latest Manga Series by Othello Gooden Jr, PowerLand: Huriya is Up for Funding on Kickstarter

May 11
08:57 2021
PowerLand: Huriya is a sci-fi/fantasy manga series under development. Created by Othello Gooden Jr, this action-packed manga series is bursting with interesting characters with epic backstories hurling in the world of PowerLand. The creation team requires financial funding to lead the project to its successful stage, making it achievable by Summer, 2021.

Cincinnati, OH, USA – Creating a sci-fi manga series is a complex task. Aside from a strong storyline, strong art expertise and creative imagination are also required. Othello Gooden Jr has been associated with creativity and story writing since his childhood. He has now embarked on another journey. This journey has taken Othello to develop a manga series under the title of PowerLand: Huriya. The sci-fi fantasy manga series is a depiction of multiculturalism through characters with diverse backgrounds. This multiculturalist approach is the main aim of Quantafilmationz, a production company owned by Othello.

The plot of PowerLand: Huriya takes the readers on an epic adventure. It follows: “500 years ago, war raged between once allied nations known as the Anomaly and the Nexus in the world of PowerLand over the existence of a few. This destructive war threatened all life on the planet. Thanks to an elite guardian force known as FireFang, the crisis was averted and the evil King Don Anomaly and his forces were defeated. Peace existed for several centuries since then. Yet darkness looms over the horizon once more like remnants of the deceased evil king return. Is FireFang prepared for the battle that lies ahead, or will the oncoming firestorm consume them all?

PowerLand: Huriya has some of the most interesting characters. Celes Lina Goodman is one of the main characters who possess the superpower to warp reality. Andrew Zack Rayne joins Celes as the technological genius and Wiseman known as Grandmaster Reign II. Mackie Diana Nexus and her sister Kita Sade Mokumura are princesses that hail from the city of Dragora. Glen Alexander Edwards is an adventurer who stands with his fellow freedom fighters against the tyrannical Anomaly Regime. Lastly, Zini Artemis Goodman, the manga’s focus, is an exile from the Anomaly Capitol of Caprice. Together they are FireFang, the legendary elite guardian force responsible for ending the Anomaly-Nexus War. Centuries later, these immortal champions embark on a new mission. Former FireFang member now Queen of Kuru, Celes Izdubar, is having trouble with a rebellion within her kingdom. As a last resort, FireFang is summoned to deal with it. There are plenty more characters, factions, places and events in PowerLand: Huriya.

The team working on PowerLand: Huriya has been doing a great deal of hard work to make this project a success. The two creators, Othello Gooden Jr and Juryan Goode possess creative imagination to come up with unique stories and characters. Vanessa Nunez, the writer, then converts these ideas into engaging words. Finally, Angeli Benipayo gives it all a shape by illustrating the words and ideas in graphic form.

The creator of PowerLand: Huriya is Othello Gooden Jr. His interest in writing, music, and animations started at an early age. Due to this drive, Othello was able to create the Frontier Multiverse. Moreover, he is also a published author of three books on Amazon. Othello also holds a keen interest in music and composition with works found on various indie music platforms. With his new manga series, PowerLand: Huriya, he aims to produce yet another masterpiece with his creative and technical expertise.

Kickstarter: PowerLand: Huriya

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