Leading Private Investigator Miami, Valdes Investigation Group Announces Major Expansion Across the US

The leading private investigator in Miami plans to have a licensed private investigator (PI) in every state. The bilingual, primarily female private investigation company specializes in insurance investigations.

Valdes Investigation Group, is one of the leading private investigators in Miami, with a couple of successful high-profile cases on their resume. The company announced its country-wide expansion plan early last week. The private investigator Miami firm hopes to have a licensed investigator in every state across the US by the end of the year. The step will help the company take on more cases by diversifying into new markets.

Primarily an insurance investigator, the Valdes Investigation Group, has been responsible for closing many high-profile cases, some of which made it to the news. The woman-led, bilingual English/Spanish team provides clients with case management software, allowing for a central location to store and track all data. The software will enable users to manage case notes, case history, communication, and billing. The software will be instrumental in its expansion since it will allow PIs across every state to coordinate efforts offering a more comprehensive solution.

Readers can find out more about the Valdes Investigation Group by visiting the company’s official website https://valdesinvgr.com

Valdes Investigation Group is one of the most reputed insurance investigators. A representative for the company was quoted as saying, “It’s hard to know how much we’ve saved insurance companies in fraud investigations, but definitely in the billions.”

Like all private investigators, Valdes Investigation Group is bound by an NDA, which prevents the company or any of its employees from disclosing exact figures or even names of their clients. That said, the company has been investigating insurance-related incidences for several years and is one of the top picks in the industry. The company hopes that its expansion will allow them to work with an extensive list of clients from both the insurance industry and beyond. Having bilingual investigators helps the company take on a variety of cases, which requires communicating and working with representatives from minority communities.

About the Valdes Investigation Group

Valdes Investigation Group, whose headquarters is in Miami, Florida, has investigators throughout the country and active partnerships with investigators in the Caribbean and beyond. The company has experience servicing many industries, from insurance companies and banks to government agencies, with five million dollars in insurance liability coverage.

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