From Serving His Country in both the Air Force and Army to Television and Video Games: How MW Entertainment Group Came to Life

From Serving His Country in both the Air Force and Army to Television and Video Games: How MW Entertainment Group Came to Life

MW Entertainment Group, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business was established by Matthew P. Whiteman, to bring to life his favorite things to do, which are video games, baseball, and feature films. However, the dream did not come alive fully until a senior-level executive in the Film Industry commissioned MW Entertainment Group to deliver a TV series on baseball, which transcended into developing an interactive gaming adaptation of that series. The journey started from there, and today, the company is at the forefront of creating episodic television series scripts, feature film scripts, and interactive mobile video game concepts and designs. Founded by Matthew Whiteman, service disabled veteran,  in 2014, MW Entertainment Group has evolved into an entertainment powerhouse with the potential to do so much more.

A strong love for video games, baseball, and feature films existed in Matthew P. Whiteman’s mind, but he never thought it would become something full-fledged. MW Entertainment Group is a clear-cut case of things manifesting of their own accord. After ten years of active service in the United States Air Force between 1998 and 2008, Matt was transferred to the U.S. Army, where he spent another six years before he was medically retired due to complications following a combat tour. His retirement made him float the company, and he’s glad he made that move.

MW Entertainment Group targets mobile game enthusiasts and baseball fans worldwide. The company uses next-generation technology in all its development projects, which drives the narrative that it is well-positioned to be a big player in the industry in a few years. “We are passionate about delivering an amazing experience tied to the most popular past-times in America to our audience. We believe in creating everlasting experiences, and ones that deliver the highest level of engagement,” Matthew said. “My years of experience in the United States Air Force and Army are also pointers to how dedicated I am to serving people, which is the number 1 mission of MW Entertainment Group,” he added.

MW Entertainment Group was built on Matthew’s strong passion for baseball, the United States, and Apple Pie. These are the factors that keep the company going alongside the engaging content it produces. The ability to keep America entertained is enough motivation for the founder to keep pushing the company. For the past seven years, MW Entertainment Group has not veered off that path.

As MW Entertainment Group continues to create outstanding content and score partnerships with notable brands in the entertainment industry, the founder’s goal is to develop the company’s first independent mobile game and launch it to commercial success. He also intends to take the company’s screenwriting works to a greater level by having them bought and adopted by streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

MW Entertainment Group is proof that anybody can evolve into whatever they want. Being a service disabled veteran was not enough reason for Matthew P. Whiteman to throw in the towel. He picked himself up and pursued his passions and dreams and it’s paying off well now. His goal is to connect the average American kid who loves video games, baseball, and feature films and hopefully inspire them.  “It is both a tremendous experience and an honor to be working with Matthew and to be a part of the MW Entertainment Group Team.  His passion and drive are contagious and inspirational.  We are very excited to bring this to market and help be a part of this vision becoming reality.“ Stated Patrick Pinto CMO BeeSeen Solutions.  

Learn more about MW Entertainment Group on the official website.

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