FTSE 500 Seal Supplier Parjet Keeps the Momentum of Industrial Automation Going

KAOHSIUNG CITY, TAIWAN – Parjet Co., Ltd. is an IATF-16949 certified advanced sealing manufacturer that supplies high-performance customized sealing components to FTSE 500 enterprises. Parjet will be showcasing its new sealing technology at various upcoming sealing related maker events in 2021. By putting massive investment in the laboratory such as FEA, TGA, and DSC, the company’s sales moved against the tide and experienced an increase of 30% with the adoption of its latest technology under the COVID-19 pandemic.

The advancement of industrial automation has resulted in the early phase out of traditional oil seals, o-rings, and other sealing components. Furthermore, manufacturers from various fields are now demanding better durability while downsizing to weather the storm caused by the pandemic.

Parjet offers profit-boosting seal solution such as HiPerLip®, HiPerSeal®, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, PTFE machined parts, and Par-series® mechanical seals. Parjet’s PTFE seals have dominant advantages over conventional rubber seals and have proven records in FPSO, CNC machines, oil-free air compressors, cryogenic valves, robotic arms, and vehicle seals. In pursuit of satisfying PTFE seal market, Parjet owns and controls the entire integrated production process from the resin form of PTFE to semi-finished tubes which are then machined to required sealing parts, this integration makes them capable of supplying premium PTFE components which can be produced from different seal materials depending on the applications.

Competitive Advantages of Parjet’s new sealing technology:

• High-cost performance ratio

• Production within 24 hours

• Capable of replacing major brands

About Parjet Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Parjet Co., Ltd. is a leading sealing solution leader in providing customized seals. Certified IATF-16949, the company has been a trusted sealing manufacturer for FTSE 500 enterprises for more than thirty years. With a dominant technical advantage of processing material such as PTFE and PTFE compounds, the company aims to fulfill diverse global industry demands.

For more information, please visit http://www.parjet.com.tw/

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