Real Estate Firm, Aecom Investment Launches Program To Help People Earn Maximally From Real Estate

Real Estate Firm, Aecom Investment Launches Program To Help People Earn Maximally From Real Estate

Frisco, TX – Aecom Investments, a leading residential real estate provider, launches a program for new and seasoned real estate investors to minimize risk and maximize ROI. The premier real estate investment firm leverages single and multifamily properties to increase earnings. It specializes in acquiring distressed properties that can be repaired and offered to buyers at below-market prices. Because of the high volume of transactions, buyers frequently need short-term private lenders to loan money for real estate purchases. This private lending process offers a safe and secure opportunity for busy professionals to invest in real estate without having to buy, repair, and sell the properties themselves. Now, new investors can learn how to leverage money sitting in accounts and make good returns secured and backed by real estate.

Private Lending is a stress-free, alternative way to benefit from the current real estate upswing. Rather than spending hours searching for profitable deals on their own, private lenders typically partner with industry leaders who understand current trends and can help navigate market cycles. This relationship allows private lenders to focus on the most critical activities that require their attention. By leaning on the expertise of full-service real estate companies, like Aecom Investments, private lenders can safely add high-yield real estate to their investment portfolio without the stress of having to manage the properties.

Housing shortages and increased demand have contributed to unprecedented rates of return in residential real estate investing. Aecom Investments, therefore, is committed to showing busy professionals and retirees how to take advantage of those opportunities. According to the Managing Director, Andrew Black, “Aecom Investments specializes in helping those who are looking for an additional side income. After all, Aecom Investments was created for and built by working-class investors.”

With its simple strategy, the real estate company accomplishes three main objectives:

  • Providing a steady flow of residual income

  • Offering a more predictable investment performance

  • Enabling a variable and easily adaptable investment period

In lockstep with their tag line, “Bridging the gap between security and opportunity,” Aecom Investments protects all vested interests with a Deed of Trust and promotes exclusive ownership with control rights at all times. Likewise, every asset is secured with a built-in equity cushion at purchase, which allows for a quick and easy cash-in event if there is ever a need to liquidate for a profit. They also provide terms and time frames that fit their partners’ specific needs. This means that investors can decide what is right for them by investing in one property or as many as they want. 

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