Independent Music Artist Vandi Lynnae Releases Authentic Pop Anthems with Soul

Spellbinding soundscapes, heartfelt songwriting, and bold soaring vocals that are impossible to ignore — Welcome to the softly soothing world of Vandi Lynnae, an emerging singer-songwriter raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California who is currently weaving her enchanting melodies for the whole world to enjoy. Inspired by the likes of Mama Cass and Patsy Cline, she provides heart wrenching pop anthems to uplift every listener. These are the kind of songs that dig deep into listeners’ hearts and evoke soul-stirring emotions.

Melding modern pop sensibilities to a classic retro backbone, she has an innate ability to blur the line between timeless, honest soundtracks and fresh innovation. Continuing to create simple, easy to listen to anthems, whilst still keeping it boundary breaking enough to keep you hooked, Ms. Lynnae spends her time providing epic theatrical performances for audiences far and wide, as well as passionately penning intimate songs that touch on relatable life subjects and inspire listeners.

Genre: Pop

Influenced by Mama Cass, Patsy Cline Based in Indianapolis, IN, USA


Her latest pop ballad “When I’m Gone” is due to be released on June 15th, 2021. The song is dedicated to someone that you care about, while asking them the question of what they’ll do after you’re gone. Who will they become; how will it change them? It contains a collection of talented live musicians that fill the track with luscious guitar lines and an ethereal, soothing atmosphere. She wrote the song at the tail end of an abusive relationship, as she struggled through moving on from all the good times.

The timeless track will be included in her first full album which is due out on Sunday, May 23rd. When fans purchase the pre-sale of the album, available through Apple Music, they will be given instant access to her song “The Beginning” which has a totally different feel. It’s more uplifting with positive overtones about a successful relationship she misses. She also has a synthwave remix of her song “I Keep on Moving” due out on June 29th, a record that’s inspired by her Grandpa who taught her to keep hope and always continue pushing forward towards her goals no matter how hard things get.

The life, the vision

The classically trained singer and pianist has been touching the hearts of listeners worldwide for some time now. Born December 29th, 1988, the Virginia-born singer developed an innate skill at storytelling and crafting her identity early on. She swiftly rose in the charts as a go-to provider of heart-felt pop anthems that drip with authenticity. These are the kind of songs that make you feel as well as think as they touch on the deeper subjects of life and love.

She first made her mark with the track “Ramblin’ Man” which was a collaborative effort with producer and guitarist, Phillip Logan. Now she’s ready to really muster up a storm with her first album “The Beginning”. The record will dive deep into her life story: every up, every down, every heartbreak. Hear it all in raw, uncut detail in this truly timeless release. Growing up in a musical family, she had a passion for songs instilled into her from an early stage. This led her to learn multiple instruments and perform in various groups throughout the years, including opera, musical theatre, big band, jazz, and contemporary styles. She’s currently active performing with the Vandi Enzor Jazz Quartet, which was featured recently in the SWISH Arts Series for the NCAA tournament in Indianapolis, and Bye Girls, a musical duo with her mother, in the Indianapolis Region.

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