New Book Aims to Help Those Feeling Financial Impact of COVID

New Book Aims to Help Those Feeling Financial Impact of COVID
In Debt to Debt Free Provides Budgeting Skills Regardless of Income Levels

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – M.I.T. Graduate and Entrepreneur Robert F. Newkirk Jr. has released a new book to help anyone, regardless of their finances or financial experience, build a pathway to financial security.  Designed specifically for those who are in debt or who have little understanding of money management, Newkirk’s book, In Debt to Debt Free provides everyone with the tools they need to free themselves from debt and build their own wealth. 

“Money is very slippery.  Without financial literacy, it is very easy to lose your money without you even realizing it is leaving your pocket,” Newkirk says.  “The year of the pandemic has illuminated the financial vulnerability of so many people who are living paycheck to paycheck without having money that is working for them.”  Newkirk adds that it is not only the current economic crisis creating this concern, but other drivers such as automation and changing industries that impact employment.  “No one can afford to be in a situation where they cannot financially function if they lose their job next week.” 

In his book, Newkirk outlines how to create a budget that meets your current financial obligations and emergencies that might arise while allowing you to build wealth at the same time.  “I call this ‘Budgeting in THREE Dimensions’ because there are actually three phases of the budgeting process.  Most people stop at the first phase, which is what creates the financial despair so many people find themselves in right now,” Newkirk says.  “The unexpected should be expected.  You have to create a plan that allows for that to happen while not throwing you off track.  This book can help you do that.” 

Additionally, Newkirk offers an online money management course that provides additional support for this process.  “If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we need to have our finances in order,” says Newkirk.  ‘There are so many people who lost cars, homes, basic stability because they didn’t have a plan that could weather a hit.  I want to make sure people are never in that position again.” 

In Debt to Debt Free is available on Amazon for $9.99 on Kindle and $15.99 in paperback.

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