Introducing TruSculpt Flex, The #1 Body Sculpting Solution in South Florida, Offers Women a Chance to Get in Shape without Surgeries

TruSculpt Miami has announced the introduction of TruSculpt Flex, an innovative body sculpting solution that does not require surgery but guarantees better results than cool sculpting and other conventional sculpting methods

Ingenious Boutique Aesthetic Spa and Clinic, TruSculpt Miami is thrilled to announce the launch of a body sculpting solution called, TruSculpt Flex. This solution is designed to help people build the perfect body without having to undergo surgery or any downtime.

According to a representative from the Florida-based clinic, “TruSculpt flex is perfect for patients looking to improve their body without surgery or downtime. It is more effective than cool sculpting at building muscles.”

The TruSculpt Flex solution is targeted at helping persons interested in improving their appearance and body with a special interest in women. At the TruSculpt Miami clinic, customers are offered the best concierge body sculpting treatments available in the United States.

Operated by an anti-aging expert, Dr. Nina G., MD, who has over 30years+ experience, TruSculpt Miami makes use of Cutera’s newest technology – TruSculpt-ID and TruSculpt Flex. The TruSculpt-ID is the latest fat reduction solution while the TruSculpt Flex is the device used for body sculpting that offers personalized treatments based on a patient’s shape. Fitness, level, and goals.

With the TruSculpt-ID and TruSculpt Flex technology, TruSculpt Miami becomes the first and go-to clinic to improve the body, build muscles, and get a six-pack without spending long hours at the gym or undergoing surgery.

About TruSculpt Miami

TruSculpt Miami is a Florida-based aesthetic spa and clinic that features the use of Cutera’s newest technology – TruSculpt-ID and TruSculpt Flex – in helping individuals who are not comfortable with the way their body looks and would like to improve their body and appearance.

The clinic offers full body evaluation, fat analysis, and uses the most advanced equipment in the industry for fat reduction and muscle sculpting. To book a free consultation and build the perfect body, log on to and find out how.

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