Coming New York-Based Latin Artist Kymged With New Songs

Coming New York-Based Latin Artist Kymged With New Songs
KYMGED releases his latest song and coming with more new songs, which are about the importance of decisions one makes and how they can influence the course of life, and the importance of love.

KYMGED, a New York-based artist who is a singer and songwriter of Latin Urban Music from Venezuela, has announced the release of his latest song, and coming with new songs, that talk about the decisions one makes in life and how it puts you in control of various developing situations, and that the only matter it life is love.

“The new song coming talks about every decision that you make in life counts, and you have the control to decide to change your life,” says the singer famous for his urban Latin music. “It will be your decision if you want to change your life. Thanks to the music, I changed my life, and everything that I went through makes me stronger, and always keep working hard. It doesn’t matter what people say I never give up on my dreams.”

KYMGED is also known as Gerald Deen wants to change the world through his music. He believes that music is a beautiful thing that can help people live the life they want. In his coming songs, KYMGED says he emerged stronger after every adversity he faced in his life. If it were not for the challenges he faced in life, he would not have become the artist he is now. He has not given up learning and keeps working on his music all the time.

“I am in the music industry to change the world because there are still other issues to talk about other than love, heartbreak, and celebration,” he adds. “And music is just a beautiful thing, and the way God wired me to do the things that I do and to change the world the way that I can.”

KYMGED says big achievements do not come easily. People who keep trying and do not give up can be the ones who succeed and scale great heights. Those who have good staying power can handle all types of challenges. Just like it takes a tree many years to bear fruits, humans can take many years to achieve their life goals.

KYMGED became interested in the music industry from an early age and was doing beats when he was just 10. He was inspired by his elder brother and his cousin, who played the piano and the guitar. The economic crisis in Venezuela forced KYMGED to move to New York when he was just 15.

He began dabbling in music by practicing as a DJ in his free time. His high school lunchtimes were fun as he did rapping and freestyle music with his friend. The home studio of his Bronx neighbor helped him learn the basics of song making. He also started writing and singing and took his first steps into the world of music.

KYMGED sings mostly about his life and many problems in the world. He tells the history of individuals or situations faced in daily lives and creates music out of it. KYMGED keeps working on his urban Latin Music.

“The course of achievement may be difficult and hard, however, if we maintain going with no loss of self-belief, we can achieve big things in life, KYMGED opines. “Every day may be a struggle if you have got a negative mindset, when you are wallowing in pity and misery it’s hard to examine the nice and also the true potential that’s within you.”

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About Gerald Deen A.K.A KYMGED:

KYMGED is a New York-based artist. The singer and songwriter of Latin Urban Music has his roots in Venezuela and known for his music that created positive vibes. He started creating music at a very young age. His songs are mostly about life and its problems and how perseverance helps overcome all challenges.

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