Car Trackers by Infiniti Tracking – Approved by Insurance Companies and Leading Car Brands to Prevent Car Theft and Facilitate Recovery

Infiniti Tracking has more than two decades of experience in the vehicle tracking industry. Its range of car tracking solutions enables businesses and private individuals to protect their vehicles. The business is Thatcham-approved and TASSA-registered, and committed to securing vehicles to the highest standard possible.

According to statements released by Infiniti Tracking, car trackers retailed by this business are installed by Thatcham accredited engineers. Customers can select the insurance-approved car tracker of their choice and benefit from a convenient, nationwide installation service by expert installers. 

The trackers are a great tool to prevent car thefts, and in the rare occurrence of theft, these devices facilitate quick recovery and in some cases apprehension of the thief. They are professionally installed by Infiniti Tracking and contribute to the safety of a vehicle through theft prevention, theft recovery, geofence alerts, tow away alerts, tamper alerts, driver identification and the option to immobilise the vehicle. 

Insurance companies offer discounts on Thatcham-approved car trackers. There are valuable savings to be had by car and fleet owners. Quality, fully-monitored car tracking systems reduce the risk of theft and mitigate the insurer’s liability. 

Onboard diagnosis (OBD) is a powerful tool used by car thieves to hack into digital data used by modern cars. Infiniti Tracking recommends an S5 Tracking system with driver identification and immobilisation as a trusty solution to this menace. It is an excellent choice with several layers of protection. This is a next-generation vehicle security device that protects from sophisticated techniques used by car thieves. These include relay theft, key cloning, OBD hacking and key theft. These car trackers with immobilisation can even be controlled via a smartphone app. The systems are compatible with high-end cars from Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ford, Volkswagen and Mercedes.  

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David Clelland of Infiniti Tracking said: “We have a network of dedicated Thatcham accredited engineers throughout the UK. We have developed our own innovative fleet tracking solution, in association with Scorpion Automotive, called “Infiniti Fleet Tracking” which is used by many companies across the UK to manage their fleet of vehicles efficiently. We also offer stolen vehicle tracking installations nationwide. We provide stolen vehicle tracking systems that are both insurance-approved and Thatcham accredited from leading brands such as Tracker UK, ScorpionTrack, Vodafone Automotive, Smartrack and Trackstar. We offer the best tracking solutions available on the market for cars, vans, HGVs and motorhomes. We also offer a range of professionally fitted witness cameras (or dash cams).

At Infiniti, we provide a top-quality and convenient installation service by visiting our clients at a location to suit them, whether it be at their homes, offices or the car dealership. Our tracking solutions can be installed throughout the UK.”

An S5 tracker is one with the highest Thatcham rating among all vehicle safety devices. Infiniti Tracking offers insurance-approved Category S5 car trackers manufactured by Meta Track, ScorpionTrack, Smartrack and other brands trusted for their car security products. These trackers are backed by 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. Features provided include instant alerts, journey history, reporting, immobilisation (optional) and driver identification. 

A Category S7 tracker is a feature-rich solution that works with any device. It is an excellent choice for high-value, luxury vehicles. The choice in these trackers includes Teletrac Trackstar, SmarTrack Protector, Meta Trak and others. 

About the Company:

Infiniti Tracking is one of the UK’s leading vehicle tracking specialists. It offers market-leading vehicle tracking solutions for businesses and private customers throughout the UK. Its GPS trackers help protect vehicles against theft.


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