Iranian-born Author, Arvin Niknia Carves out a Space for Himself in Short Story Writing with Awe-inspiring Crime and Detective Book Titles

The Iranian-born author has continued to engage giant strides with his beautifully written crime and detective book titles which are short but maintain completeness

Since the publishing of his first book title, The Rise and Fall of Middle East, on January 16, 2021, Denmark-based author, Arvin Niknia has released seven other book titles in the crime and detective niche, which all focuses on depicting stories that circle the themes – failure and horror.

Born in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, Arvin Niknia has always had a deterministic approach to studying and his education. The author continues to put both his inspiration and education to good use with his crime and detective short stories.

Arvin Niknia and his family had to move to Denmark following a war that broke out between Iran and Iraq. After completing his studies in Sociology, Islamic Civilization, and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Arvin, inspired by socialist writer, Fanon, and philosopher, Jean-Paul Satre ventured into writing.

The published book titles from Arvin Niknia are short and targeted at the development of a reading culture among people who find it difficult to read today. It is no news that a lot of persons are robbed of the fun of reading books due to their busy schedules while others become easily distracted and lose focus when the book reading gets too long. These short book titles from Arvin eliminates this backdrop as they narrate awe-inspiring stories in a succinct and truly entertaining manner allowing one to enjoy the thrill of a crime and detective story.

Being short does not take the quality Arvin Niknia brings to the table. Persons who are in love with detective stories will find any of his works a complete masterpiece. From The Bad Blood to Danish Racism to The Broken Dream to Onslaught to Irresistible to The Immortal Capture to Serenity for Life to The Rise and Fall of Middle East, Arvin takes readers on a journey, one that is thrilling, short, but fulfilling in its delivery.

Young people, children, entrepreneurs, anyone with a flair for crime and detective writings, and those who lead busy lives and do not sustain the fortitude to read for long will find any of Arvin Niknia’s books the true definition of simplicity laced with thoroughness and capped with completeness.

About Arvin Niknia

Arvin Niknia is an author, financial economist, entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and social worker, born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983. After the King of Iran’s fall, Iran went to war with Iraq and the Niknia family had to migrate to Denmark in search of peaceful lives and better opportunities.

While in Denmark, Arvin faced the challenge of fitting into a new society and the Danish culture. Regardless, He spent most of his time studying and building a passion for bodybuilding. In 2004 when Europe was hit by a financial crisis, many turned away from education not seeing its importance but Arvin maintained his devotion to his education.

He went on to study Sociology, Islamic Civilization, and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Arvin had a desire to explore more about the Middle Eastern Language and Culture. He was getting his inspiration from famous socialist writer Fanon and philosopher Jean-Paul Satre. Arvin put both his inspiration and education to good use and wrote the book “The Rise and Fall of Iran and The Middle East: The Fall of Democracy,” published on January 16, 2021.

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