Students behind in math may benefit from new affordable math fact practice program

Students behind in math may benefit from new affordable math fact practice program
Math Facts Matter’s ‘Blast Off’ helps students of all ages develop math fact fluency

Durant, Okla. – May 17, 2021 – Math Facts Matter, a division of Schoolware, Inc. has launched a new online program called Blast Off.

Blast Off is an independent math fact practice program that can help students achieve mastery in the four basic operations more effectively than other methods.

This program is one of the easiest and fastest programs that students can use to elevate their math fact fluency. It is flexible enough to be used in school and at home and used with any existing curriculum.

Math fact fluency is the ability to quickly calculate the answer to math problems quickly and accurately. Fluency is attained over time through repetitive practice.

Without math fact fluency, students will typically struggle to answer more difficult mathematical equations and grasp the concepts. This leads to an overreliance on calculators that greatly hinders their performance in higher grade levels, causing their grades to suffer and leading to increased levels of anxiety and stress.

Blast Off is a personalized math fact practice program that helps students achieve complete fluency in all operations in the vertical, horizontal, and pre-algebraic views.

Most students can complete a practice session in just 10 minutes, making it easy to fit daily practice into busy class schedules. There is no prep and getting started takes just a couple minutes.

Students who have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a stable internet connection can also practice with Blast Off at home.

Students both review the math facts they know and learn the ones they don’t automatically in a stress-free way. Using multi-sensory methods, Blast Off helps students develop long-term memories that result in better retention and faster recall.

To help encourage students to achieve complete math fact mastery, Blast Off features collectible digital badges that are awarded for each level of mastery earned.

Blast Off features class and student reports, enabling teachers to quickly see their students’ current level of math fact mastery.

For teachers wanting to record their student’s progress over time, Math Facts Matter offers a free tool to help with that. Using their free 5-minute benchmark, Space Challenge, teachers can quickly get a more detailed report of their students’ mastery level in the horizonal view for each operation.

Schools, teachers, and homeschool parents can complement and enrich their existing curriculums with annual subscriptions to Blast Off.

“Teachers today have to meet ever increasing demands, teaching more students and more curriculum in less time,” said Kathy Robinson, president of Schoolware, Inc. and Math Facts Matter. “In addition, they must balance direct instruction within ever-shrinking budgetary constraints.”

Robinson is a former classroom instructor, Title 1 teacher, gifted and talented director.

“The Math Facts Matter family of products, including Space Challenge, Countdown, and Blast Off, can help contribute to fact fluency and alleviate the academic strain on teachers and students. Our products are also highly effective in remedial, special ed, and summer classes.”

Student subscriptions to Blast Off are very affordable, with prices starting at only $12 per student per year. Volume discounts are automatically applied, with schools getting the greatest discount.

Making the program even more affordable, schools, teachers, and homeschool parents can get a 50% discount using the code COVID, at the time of this writing. Subscriptions to Blast Off include free updates and support.

Robinson said she also offers training for teachers in math fact fluency for schools seeking to significantly improve their math scores. Her training and programs are built around proven methodology and strategies rooted in neuroscience, psychology, and memory.

Orders for Blast Off can be made from the Math Facts Matter website at or by calling (833) GO-FACTS (833.463.2287).

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