Author’s Tranquility Press Announces Republication and Bookstore Placement of Janice E. Holliman’s Book “I Am a Survivor”

Author and real estate investor Janice E. Holliman collaborates with Author’s Tranquility Press for the republication of her true story on how she suffered from multiple illnesses for forty years and survived.

Author’s Tranquility Press is proud to announce the republication of Janice E. Holliman’s book “I Am a Survivor.” The book discusses the author’s travails during a forty-year period of her life where she fought severe health issues, underwent several surgeries, and still survived.

The book is for people going through challenges in their lives, including physical problems and health issues. Readers will learn from the author’s true-life experience and her survival.

“I Am a Survivor” was originally published December 30, 2019. But now, the author and publisher are doing a republication and bookstore placement to get more people to know about it.

Author Janice E. Holliman is a real estate investor based in Austell, Georgia. She’s also a skincare consultant, events planner and is also into wedding cakes and catering services. Janice’s story is very peculiar because of what she went through in her life.

For 40 years of her life, Janice suffered from several illnesses, including Crohn’s disease, tumors, ulcers, sleep apnea, allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol, enlarged heart, and blood clots. The surgeries sometimes leave her entire body paralyzed, causing more complications and pains. But despite all of that, she still survived and is thriving very much.

The reason for writing “I Am a Survivor” is because there are many people out there who are going through the same thing the author went through, and they doubt if they will ever survive. Janice wants them to learn from her story, experience, and the steps she took to get healing and freedom.

In the book, she talked about her story, illness, family illness, hope, faith, endurance, and the will to survive. Readers will also learn about the everyday situations she had to face and how she dealt with them. The book also highlights words the author focused on that helped her surmount her problems, from the inside of her soul to the physical manifestation.

Janice also tried to explain how appreciating life and the willingness to survive played an essential role in her survival. She believes that if she can go through all of these and survive, anyone can also endure if they remain hopeful. The 296 pages book is written in English using a simple style that is easy to understand.

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About Janice E. Holliman

Janice E. Holliman is an author, real estate investor, events planner, and skincare consultant from Austell, Georgia. She’s a professional who likes to help her clients get the best service at an affordable price. Readers love her book “I Am a Survivor,” where she talked about her illness and survival.

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