Website Success Tools’ Website Monitoring Helps Maintain a Stable and Efficient System for Online Businesses

It is commonplace for businesses to have an online presence today. An online presence could be as simple as a directory listing or something perfunctory like a dedicated social media account. Those who see their presence on the internet as an integral part of their business success would have a broader and very involved presence and usually centered around a dedicated website. Name any large-size business or international conglomerate and you are sure to find their namesake dot-com website.

Websites have become more than just virtual billboards for companies. Websites perform a myriad of functions. They have become public portfolios for offered products and services, point of sales and business transactions, customer-services centers, public information boards, and even community spaces. Many companies use websites as their internal data-handling systems as well as their internal communications platform. In many cases, the website is indistinguishable from the company itself as in the case of online businesses.

With so much dependency on websites, businesses – and more particularly online businesses – require all the means to keep their website running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. And there are ways that businesses go about this.

First, there is a need for a general understanding of how websites work. Websites are nothing more than programs. Rules and direction for handling data. Programs must be written error-free and maintained regularly to avoid malfunction. Then a computer executes a program to make it work. For websites, the computer is a web-hosting server.

One web-hosting server is probably handling multiple clients. This means one server is hosting several websites at a time. A web-hosting server not only runs a website but also handles data traffic negotiations. This means facilitating user access to the website from the internet. Hosting is a computational juggling act that is quite impressive but like any computer, a web-hosting server is a finite system. As abundant and robust its resources and capabilities are, web-hosting servers are not limitless.

Web-hosting services post their capabilities (or limits, depending on the interpretation) using a measure called uptime rating. In general, a rating of 99.95% is reliable. This means a web-hosting server can provide flawless service 99.95% of the time at the very least. This seems to be an impressive rating until you consider how much that 0.05% difference would translate in a year’s web-hosting service.

A 0.05% chance of downtime translates to only the possibility of five continuous minutes of loss of service in a week. But in a year, it can translate into 4.38 hours of a website service outage. For online businesses that depend on their website for income minute-by-minute, the possibility of an outage lasting over four hours is a worrisome prospect.

So if an online business has ensured their website has been written well and has chosen a reliable web-hosting service, is there more to be done to increase the stability of their system? Yes. As previously explained, downtime will always remain a possibility. One online business solutions provider offers several solutions to address downtime, extended service outages, and other service inefficiencies. The name of this provider is Website Success Tools.

Website Success Tools offers web monitoring services to help online businesses maintain their websites. Primary to these monitoring services is the Website Success Tools’ line of uptime monitoring services.

Uptime monitoring is exactly what its name suggests: it monitors the uptime service of a web-hosting server. It watches out for downtime events by performing several network and server tests at very regular intervals. It collects and analyzes data in real-time. It figures out early when downtime instances line up into a continuous service outage. When an outage is apparent, it sends out an alert to the ownership of the online business being monitored.

Website Success Tools’ uptime monitoring and other services work with minimum effort from clients. It requires no downloads. The monitoring is done outside of the web-hosting service. The monitoring is undertaken from several monitoring servers located at different locations of the globe. This arrangement allows for more accurate global pinpointing of network and service issues.

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