Karma Honey Project Continues To Save the Puerto Rican gAHB

Karma Honey Project Continues To Save the Puerto Rican gAHB
Puerto Rican-based bee lives protection nonprofit, Karma Honey Project, continues to save one of the rarest bee species, the gAHB Gentle African Honey Bee in Puerto Rico, amid accolades from different quarters

Karma Honey Project has stayed true to their goal of protecting the Holy Grail of bees – the gAHB and saving the species from extinction. The initiative started in 2018 with the goal of increasing the Puerto Rican honey bee population and spreading awareness about the Gentle African Honey Bee in Puerto Rico.

Bees remain extremely pivotal to human existence due to the immense health benefits that come from their entire ecosystem. Over the years, several manmade and natural occurrences have threatened the existence of different species of bees. The gAHB of Puerto Rico, otherwise known as the Gentle African Honey Bee, has also been affected, with Hurricane Maria knocking out 80% of the Island’s bees. However, the team at Karma Honey Project, led by Candice Galek, is looking to save the bees, one colony at a time.

The decision by Karma Honey Project to contribute to saving one of the most sought-after bee species is not surprising, considering their unique attributes. Puerto Rican bees have been identified to be descendants of Africanized honeybees, otherwise known as “killer bees.” They are productive and hardy, and less susceptible to diseases and parasites, features that have endeared them to beekeepers and enthusiasts worldwide.

In line with their goal of protecting the gAHB, the Karma Honey Project partners with other well-meaning individuals and organizations in the beekeeping industry. In a related development, the nonprofit recently added vetera bee biologist Bert Rivera Marchand to their team. The new member of the family will bring over two decades of experience to the table, especially being one of the first scientists to discover the importance of the gAHB.

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