New Initiatives From Serokell Software Development Team

New Initiatives From Serokell Software Development Team

Serokell is a software development company that was born at the nexus of science and development. They specialize in building and managing large-scale IT systems and complicated software applications. In addition to their core business, they also support the development of open-source solutions for programming language development. 

In spring 2021, independent researchers from Clutch named Serokell among the top blockchain developers in Eastern Europe, the leading AI companies, and IT service providers. 

Serokell is a mature functional programming engineering firm that delivers quality software to clients worldwide. They also collaborate with higher institutions internationally to teach young programmers Haskell and expand the FP community. There is a popular misconception that Haskell is a purely academic language not suitable for production. Serokell, a digital agency that uses this language every day, fights this stereotype. They provide services for both startups and large organizations looking to manage complicated systems in the domain of fintech, biotech, AI, or blockchain. Among their case studies are the creation of a new cryptocurrency, development of financial platforms, and design of new programming languages.

Serokell Academy 

Recently they have launched a new initiative: Serokell Academy. This is a series of video lectures with a live Q&A section covering tricks and techniques to take your IT projects to the next level. Among the recently covered topics are: 

  • personal information security,
  • philosophy and metamathematics,
  • product development,
  • and others. 

The main goal of Serokell Academy is to help young and mature programmers, as well as project managers and marketers, expand their horizons of knowledge about different topics from machine learning and cybersecurity to mathematics and functional programming. Serokell’s team is eager to continue this series and keep working on new video stories to publish. To not miss anything cool, you can subscribe to their channel on YouTube.

Serokell Labs 

Serokell Labs is the result of a collaborative effort between Serokell and several international academic institutions. Together with the leading scientists from ITMO, Serokell engineers carry out both basic and applied research work in the field of programming language theory (PLT), distributed systems, mathematics, and artificial intelligence. The laboratory allows academics, students, researchers, and leading practitioners from multiple disciplines to collaborate with one another. 

The collaboration has resulted in creating revolutionary ways that enable customers to obtain real-world solutions based on research conducted at some of the leading universities in the world. Serokell Labs is where new hypotheses and mathematical theories are studied to become a part of biotechnology experiments, e-commerce or financial platforms, or industrial automation applications.

One software partner – one all-in-one overview of your software systems. 

Hire a team that will build high-quality projects from conception to implementation and further.

Serokell is an IT consulting firm that provides custom software development, systems monitoring, security audits, and other IT services required for your business.

With our integrated services, you can minimize the risk of data leaks, software breakdowns, or cyberattacks intruding on your business operations. 

We’ll focus on every technical aspect of your software development and protection. So that you can focus on growing your business. 

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